The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Crazy Meds Talk ver 9.0 is Back!

Crazy Meds' forum Crazy Meds Talk is back on the air, thanks to the support people at Invision Power Board. People who know what support means, unlike those lying, rapacious bastards at 1 & 1 Internet.

So spread the word that were are back, and to update all links.

Discussion on the site itself about all the shit going on is happening on this topic.

1&1 Internet - Liars. Thieves. Bigots. And/or Merely Incompetent

1&1 Internet Inc., a.k.a., 1&, 1&1 Webhosting, 1&1 Internet Ltd, etc. ranks pretty high in domain hosts people love to hate. I've got extra special reasons to hate them and for people to avoid them. I've been actively trying to get redeemed from 1& since 27 October. This is due to 1&1 Webhosting's incompetent billing department sending the 60-day the domain registration expiration notice to the long-dead account In spite of being lied to by someone in said incompetent billing department back in March or April of 2005 that the billing address to be used from that point forward was to be the primary address at

That certainly didn't happen, as when the credit card I used to register crazymeds.COM (subsequently squatted, because 1&1 Internet Inc.'s domain registration software is so fucked up they often can't get it right), later crazymeds.ORG expired. Did the billing department notify me of that? How could they? They were still sending e-mail to! What did they do when they got a bounce message? Bother to do a whois? Oh that would be way too much work!

So I owed them money, and that was the problem we had back in August. At that point I didn't care about paying $40 for a charge stemming from something that was there fault. A problem that coincided with the pussies at Limp Dick, er Hard Hat Hosting getting their panties in a twist about my linking to this blog when I was defending myself against libel. That they construed as libel and kicked me off with little notice. Just in time for the desipramine I was taking to impact the shit in me to tear my colon.

So for everyone out there, you were right, I was literally full of shit. And hospitalized with internal bleeding. Hence a longer delay than needed to get Crazy Meds back up.

I have an e-mail I'll be publishing as a response to this posting where it is written confirming what I was told on the phone, that my e-mail address would be changed.

Lied to yet again by 1&1 Internet Ltd. Because All this happened before the 60 notice, so nothing every went to, it all kept being sent to the long-defunct address of

Once Crazy Meds was gone I was hit with ultradian rapid cycling. Those of you who know about it can understand why I was disabled. Those of you who don't: I was too fucking crazy to do anything.

Regardless, on 30 October I asked the key questions regarding what I needed to do to redeem the site.

I didn't get an answer until a few days ago. The morons behind the address transfer@
1& / working at the Slough office of 1&1 Internet Ltd kept up with their circular logic of if Situation D then Situation A had to have happened. If Situation A happened than that was because of Situation B. Situation B occurs only with Situation C, which usually doesn't happen but can, and Situation C always precludes Situation D. And whenever you have Situation C, that was because Situation A happened.

Work it out with a pencil.

Ultimately I needed a form to change my billing address. Some form that no one ever told me about.

Then there's the key piece of information on how to redeem fill out another form. I was told about that back on 30 October and I had questions.

Questions I kept asking.

Questions that weren't answered until 14 November.

I had to register another domain with those fucktards just to get back.

Fine. I did.

What to you know? No confirmation e-mail. Nothing. No response from their complaints department (ever), no response from the chowderheads at
transfer@1& or about why there is no knew domain just so I can redeem

This is going beyond incompetence.

So while incompetence, lying and covering their asses regarding their fuck-ups and lies still is about 80% of my probability for guessing as to why this has happened to me, there are still to other possibilities, each with 10% probability assigned to them.

1) 1& / 1 and 1 Internet Inc. are thieves. Crazy Meds was grossing around US$60,000 a year with my shitty design. With 11,000 links to the site and a spiffy makeover, who knows what sort of revenue they could get.

2) 1& /
1&1 Internet Ltd / Schlund + Partner AG are bigots. They don't want anyone like me (bipolar, epileptic, autistic) earning a living helping people like you. There is a recent history in Germany of treating people like me as sub-human. The concentration camp model began in 1934, complete with small-scale mass executions. By 1940 the classic mass murder of the mentally interesting began, and around 200,000 of us were rounded up and cremated by the war's end. We were the first to be rounded up, but it wasn't until 2002 the the US Holocaust Memorial deigned to mention that we lead the way on the march to death.

And it's not as if that sort of stuff doesn't happen any more. The Serbian Government locks up and more or less starves us to death.
Or just denies treatment. Whichever is easier.

I'm used to being treated as less than human. It's why I spent thirty years doing my best to pass as one. That's getting more and more difficult these days, so it looks as if I'm fair game now by the likes of bigots such as these. Given that I live on another continent, I guess ruining my livelihood is the best that 1 & 1 Internet Ltd. can do to me.

I'll let you make up your own mind about why 1& is making my life hell and ruining my business. At this point they seem to be intentionally running down the clock so the redemption period ends and they get to keep the domain. So they could be the most incompetent domain registrars on the planet, or it really is one or both of thieves and/or bigots.

to get a better idea of what 1&1 Internet is like, read up on some other people's experiences:

Jeff Croft wrote about his experiences with their fucked up "service" in 1&1 Internet is the devil.
I had problems similar to Jeff's back when I was using 1&1 Webhosting as a shared server domain host.

Chris Beach had problems on a larger scale and had the privilege of being charged money for complaining. Read about it in Avoid 1&1 Internet.

As I wrote I have e-mail. This time I have proof of their incompetence, ass-covering and circular logic. I need Scott Adams to make it funny, because it's right out of Dilbert. Given that the UK offices of
1& / 1&1 Internet Ltd are based in Slough, Ricky Gervais might be more appropriate. E-mails will be posted as responses, as this initial post has gone on long enough. Plus I'm into day three of an aura, so I'm not up to sitting in front of the desktop that has my POP e-mail. now up

Crazy Meds is now available under the .us domain. I may or may not be able to get the .org domain back, as that's still going through 1&1 Internet's byzantine and obtuse bureaucracy.

Only the drug information pages are available. The forum will have to wait until I know exactly which domain I'll be using. Likewise there's no call to change existing links from to that people might have on websites all over the place. If you do, that's fine, as will resolve to if I manage to recover

I do need some help from people who know something: why the hell aren't any images coming up? I have the files available, all of the permissions are correct and I'll even explicitly use "" within the img src tag. Yet if you were to try a view image you'd be redirected to What the fuck? I don't see anything on the page nor on the index.htm file that specifically points to, but I could be missing something.

And for everyone who has registered other domains, offered other domains to me, etc, please e-mail me. Only people who actually have domains, and not everyone who just came up with a domain name. I just want to get contact, DNS and other information synchronized so everything points to the same place.

For everyone offering to go out and register domains on their own and have them point to the site, here is the information for everything in the .com, .net, .info and .biz universe (.org is part of a long story which I'll be publishing soon):

Administrative Contact Name: Jerod Poore
Administrative Contact Organization: Crazy Meds
Administrative Contact Address1: PO Box 8091
Administrative Contact City: Missoula
Administrative Contact State/Province: MT
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 59807
Administrative Contact Country: United States
Administrative Contact Country Code: US
Administrative Contact Phone Number: I'll e-mail this to you
Administrative Contact Email: jerod23 here at gmail dot com.

The safest thing is to redirect the domain to the IP address:

I'd love to have domains outside of the US. Someone has a registered. Those require addresses in their registered countries. Contact me about getting a PO box I'll pay for or something. Then you can sign up for free computer magazines using the company name. More junk mail for all!