The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Forum is back up

We're on the air again. With any luck something like this won't happen again.


Back to my life sucking same amount of ass it was two days ago.

Sorry the Crazy Meds Talk Forum is Down

There was a hiccup in getting the regular upgrades from IPB paid for. As that slipped past me there was something in the older version that caused way too much processing time to get used on the domain host. Something along the lines of 32-33% of the CPU at one point. So they had to disable the forum software and I can't blame them. They even gave me a daily heads-up about something like that being possible starting a few days ago, but it took that long to straighten out the issue with IPB.

IPB has since been updated to the latest version and the forum should be available again soon.

As if my life didn't suck enough ass as it does already...

Saint Obama de Mo'Crats - Take 2

I've set up a website just for the Saint Obama prayer cards:

They depict Senator Barack Obama as St. Martin de Porres and are part of my small effort to raise money for the Obama | Biden campaign. It's a fine Catholic tradition from the late Middle Ages & early Rennaissance to use political figures as the models for religious paintings. Venice and Florence are full of paintings, stained glass, sculptures, etc. of saints, angels, etc. with the faces of Borgias (and not just St. Francis Borgia), de'Medicis, etc.

It should be easier now to print & laminate / tape together the prayer cards.