The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

And we're back.

The rebuild is 95% complete. I've reopened the forum. It will be slow going until morning, but better than nothing, right? 

Offline Means Offline

Some bug in the forum software has allowed people to log onto the forum and read it while it was offline COMPLETELY DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF TAKING IT OFFLINE TO SPEEDUP THE REBUILD!!!! THANKS LOADS, EVERYONE!!!

I've had to put in a hard restriction of the forum to my IP address.  Hence the 403 forbidden message.

No wonder the maintenance during some of the upgrades took for fucking ever.  That wasn't cache weirdness I was seeing in the online users list.  Those were people logged on when I said not to be logged on.

Forum & Blogs offline

The Crazy Talk forum and blogs are temporarily offline until the fucking rebuild/resync of the new RAID array is done.

The Wiki may go offline as well.

Update: at 61% rebuild/resync. Noticeably faster with forum offline. 


Update: 78% complete.  Now I have to figure out if we're in the land of diminishing returns or not.  When it comes to keeping the forum offline.

What the FUCK?!?!

I don't know what the fuck is going on with #Crazymeds, and why it's taking forever for pages to load.  It could be one or more of:

The new ads on the forum 
Another disc drive problem
All the bruteforce attempts to hack the server we've been having lately

The upgrade is an unlikely cause as the problem is site-wide.  I'm having problems with telnet as well, but I see wiki pages OK, albeit slowly.  

I'm having lots of connectivity problems in general, as some sites are freezing, timing out, etc. and some aren't.  Lunarpages support pages aren't coming up, but others are.  gmail and G+ take forever to load.  Tumblr isn't showing up.   I can't connect to the ad server sites to temporarily disable the ads on the  forum from that end since I can't get to the forum admin page without timing out.



I was finally able to get a connection to the Lunarpages support site. It turns out that a second RAID array was needed, because the forum is getting so huge. It's taking a long-ass time to sync all 120G of the data. Hence everything being slow as molasses.

As of 4:00 PM Mountain still-not-on-daylight-insanity-Time (2300 GMT) The rebuild/resynchronization is at 55%. Expect the long-ass response times to last well into tomorrow. 

Crazymeds Down

Crazymeds is down.  Looks like a hardware failure.  I'll keep you posted.



OK, we're back up. There's a faulty drive.  A new one will be installed 1600 PST (2300 GMT) Friday 19 March.  Expect some more down time, but the guys at Lunarpages are really quick about swapping drives, so it won't be too long. 


That should read Thursday (AKA Today) 19 March.  I've been unstuck in time lately.