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Crazy Meds: The Blog

In a desperate attempt to SEO the fuck out of Crazy Meds

Because I can’t deal with my life and need to do something that appears to be productive

Crazy Meds has needed an actual blog for some time.  A place for announcements, news items, and some short-attention-span tidbits from here or elsewhere.  So now it has one.

This blog will continue to exist, but it will now be more narcissistic personal and procrastination bait. I’ll still post notices of impending software upgrades or anything else that will cause a significant interruption of service there, and anything where an off-site location for posting is required because the entire domain is down.  As well as the occasional site update of note.  All the links to research, medical, and assorted pharma-related blogs and sites have been moved to the new blog.

Posts to the G+ page and Facebook page will continue as they always have.  While anyone can, in theory, read public posts to the G+ page without having a G+ account, who does?  Not that anyone reads the blogspot blog all that much either.

Rxmas Consumerist Orgy of New Products at Straitjacket T-Shirts

I've been putting up a shitload of new products at Straitjacket T-Shirts.  Just the thing for anyone who responds well to retail therapy, with or without Havidol (avafynetime); including those who respond to online window-shopping.  

Most of the new merchandise is in the Pile of Pills motif, featuring buttons and cheap jewelry, and some ridiculous, and ridiculously expensive, household items, such as curtains and a tablecloth.  Those last two are among several items that, while actually for sale, are mainly for entertainment purposes. 

There are also more clocks, with both the pill design and the Medication Time design, some of which are reasonably priced.

By popular demand there are now buttons and magnets.  Currently only the most popular designs are available in those media.  I'll see how well these do before even thinking about adding any more designs, as buttons are a pain in the ass to do in the Pill Font.  As I was adding the buttons to the store I saw the designs fit three magnets, so I threw those in for the hell of it.

I hope to add some new designs in time for Rxmas.

Begging for Attention

The beg button is back on the wiki.  There will soon be an obnoxious expansion of links to the CafePress store.  As I'm one of the lucky people who actually responds well to BuSpar I'll be looking into some form of advertising that isn't subject to ad-blocking software.  Such as those supremely annoying keyword links.