The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Getting Out The Vote, Getting Rid of Spam

I've added a few things to the Obama Prayer Cards site.

There are now two cards for each selection. Why waste the paper? Keep one and give one away. There's a little mixing and matching.

I've also added a prayer for getting out the vote. It's not all that original, as I just kludged together three existing prayers, including one for community organizing. There was no saint acting as an intermediary for that one, even if it is a Catholic prayer.

Plus I've made a crappy banner for the get out the vote drive using my pill font:

Get Out The Vote or here's your prescription plan.

Click on the above thumbnail for a full size .jpg There's also a version with a transparent background and .png (for printing) versions at the Obama Prayer Cards site.

As for the spam, we had a problem with that earlier this month at Crazy Meds. Someone developed a spambot that could get past the Captcha portion of registration. Fortunately an upgrade with the latest version of Captcha put an end to that.