The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Playing with Lists

I've been too depressed to get much work done.  My life, like my house, is falling to pieces around me.  I'm beyond caring.  So what do I do all day?  When not sleeping, watching TV, or reading (usually re-reading) comfort fiction I'm messing around with Spotify playlists.  Auto-Tuner has ruined radio for me.  Even the BBC World Service has been seduced by its ear-torturing evil.  I can no longer shop at the better of the two grocery stores within a 25 mile radius because they now pipe in the All Auto-Tuner station.  So it's either assorted nostalgia stations via satellite or my own playlists.

Current top jams:

All playlists, both mine and those created by other people.

Can't Things Work for one Day?

I don't know what happened. Everything was fine until the weekly jobs ran at four in the morning, then the entire site reverted to "Here's your brand new domain!" Everything is still there, but for some reason the http server is pointing to the default directory. None of the configuration files changed, and I've restarted httpd several times now. I've got a ticket in with lunarpages. It's just one fucking thing after another.