The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

This Place Ain't What It Used to Be

I've been ill for over a week.  It's whatever the fuck I had last time, only worse.  I may not be the only person in the area with it, as my newspaper neighbor - the only person interested in the Missoulian who lives beyond the end of the carrier's route (AKA my property) - has been letting his papers accumulate in his box as well.  That rarely happens.  A few other services no longer go much further than where I live, as a couple of trash bins and a mail box have sprouted just over the cattle guard (think supersized storm drain).

My neighbors put their house up for sale a couple years ago and it sold, along with a couple others that have been on the market for at least 12 years.  Next door (i.e. 100 yards from my house) there are goats (which I'm OK with) and a passel of kids who seem to be home-schooled.  Given this is Montana my money is on their not being vaccinated.  Fortunately I had my shots earlier this year, and I know the pertussis vaccination works for at least eight years; and I didn't get rabies after handling a rabid bat that drooled on an open cut after getting the rabies series.  I'm not all that worried, it's just the principle.  Plus I could be wrong, and they've had all their shots.  Even if they don't get flu shots I'd get it anyway.

What really bothers me is some asshole with a boom-boom car moved here.  Why the fuck would someone who drives one of those things move out here?  The only scenario that makes sense is he lives with his parents, they moved here, and it's not his idea.

Thursday I badly needed groceries, so I managed to make it to Saint Regis to get some food, and grabbed the mail and newspapers on my way back.  When I get inside I notice that not all of the papers are there.

I didn't get the paper on Friday.  Today I felt well enough to get the papers this morning, and found only today's.  My neighbor's box had only last Sunday's.  The carrier never removes papers.

Someone has been lifting the newspapers.

What's next, the mail?  I don't get the mail every day, and when I do get it I usually do so when I'm walking the cats around nine or ten at night.

I moved out here to get away from that sort of shit.

The bright side: less culture shock if I ever manage to get the money to move to Seattle.