The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Still working on the upgrade

Apache is happy. But there are still some things I need to do.

This would have been a one day install if I were willing to pay a couple hundred more dollars for a control panel with a graphic interface. Then everything is, for the most part, completely installed. As it is I'm having to do the work myself. And I really didn't want to spring for a graphic interface that I'd rarely use.

It didn't help that I had a major panic attack yesterday and couldn't see my shrink. I spent the entire day sleeping or just dozing in a lorazepam haze.

I'm hoping I'll have it done by this weekend. If not, then I'll probably need to have the graphic interface installed. Nothing like getting to pay for all that frustration.

Probably not today

It's unlikely we'll be changing servers today. Apache isn't being my friend.

Anyone who knows their stuff about Apache 2.0 & Linux, especially the CentOS flavor of Linux, I have my plea for help posted here.

Server Upgrade

I'm moving Crazy Meds to a new server. The forum performance sucks too much ass crippled as it is, and I'm tired of the version with its limited capabilities.

If all goes as planned (HAH!) the move will happen tomorrow, sometime in the morning (Mountain Time, GMT -6). I don't yet know how long it will take. I hope to have a better idea later today as I'll attempt to move the forum files today as a dry run for testing purposes. I'll update this post later once I know either how long it will take or if I'll have to move the IPB files when no one is on the forum.

Update 13:35 Mountain Time: Some obscure Apache setting, or something along those lines, is preventing the site introduction from being seen when the IP address is used as an URL. I put up four files as a small test of various things.

The domain host's tech support people are looking into it. I'll be getting an e-mail when that is dealt with.

Update 17:17 Mountain Time: An e-mail from the domain host shows up, but it's a reply about something else. Grrr. Thanks to the meds I'm too tired to do anything else today. The move to the new server may or may not happen tomorrow.

R.I.P. JG Ballard

Key Words: Epilepsy-Sleep-Orgasm. Epilepsy and sexual activity may be related in the following ways:

1) hyperventilation provoking seizures during sexual intercourse; 2) reflex epilepsy provoked by orgasm or other sexual stimuli; 3) tactile genital sensations as part of the epileptic aura; 4) orgasm and sexual hallucinations as part of the epileptic aura; 5) sexual automatisms during or after a seizure; 6) abnormal interictal sexual behaviour; 7) ictal somatosensory sensations in the genitalia.

Normal marital sexual behaviour was reported. At age 38 she developed frequent, brief, nocturnal somatosensory seizures. The episodes usually awakened the patient after falling asleep and consisted of a sudden sensation of electrical discharge in the neck, which spread to the right leg and lasted a few seconds. The right leg jerked at the end of each seizure, with paresthesia in the right lateral abdominal and pubic regions and about her genitalia. A sensation of vaginal dilatation ensued immediately afterward, which inevitably brought about either a pleasant or a painful orgasm. During these episodes there was no confusion or memory loss; she was bewildered; in fact, because of her religious beliefs, such orgasms were hard for her to accept.

Crescendo of sharp waves and spike discharges. The sensory representation of the genitalia lies in the paracentral lobule. The epileptic symptoms of the patient correlate well with epileptiform activity recorded on the central-parietal region in the waking EEG and during
sleep. The spreading of paresthesia from the abdominogenital area to ipsilateral nipple did not occur. Orgasms in our patient ensued immediately after the genital sensations, as if they were a step in the sensory march. Although she did not exhibit apparent consciousness alteration, the
ictal polygraphic recording showed generalization of focal paroxysmal activity accompanied by autonomic changes. These findings suggest that the orgasms might be the result of the spread of focal epileptic activity into the hypothalamus but without disruption of amnesic mechanisms.

The pathogenesis of orgasm. Cases of ictal orgasm:

1) a 55-year-old woman with a right parasagittal meningioma who began to manifest paroxysmal nymphomania at age 43. The initial paroxysms awakened the patient with a feeling "of being hot all over as if she were having coitus." Afterwards she also had left somatomotor seizures and developed left hemiplegia. 2) a patient who described "unusual sensations about her genitalia that were similar to those of a sexual orgasm"; the EEG revealed diffuse abnormalities. 3) a 43-year-old woman with a right parietal glioma, developed paroxysmal, painful, and frightening orgasm on two occasions with left leg jerking. 4) a 36-year-old man with a right parasagittal parietal meningioma, developed painful and anxiety-provoking paroxysmal orgasm, accompanied by left leg jerking. 5) a 55-year-old man with a right parasagittal meningioma who had seizures that began with aching pain in the left leg. This was followed by spasms of the left leg and then ejaculation without erection or other genital sensations.

This long-overdue tribute to J.G. Ballard is brought to you by

I Used To Like Sex, Now I Take Paxil t-shirts.

Pictures from Jon Haddock's project ISPs (Internet Sex Photos) -- Pr0nography, digitally edited to remove the figures.

Text is excerpted, edited and rearranged from the paper Orgasmic Epilepsy Jesús Calleja, Rosario Carpizo, Jose Berciano Epilepsia Volume 29 Issue 5, October 1988

I have previously written original fiction in the style of Ballard from his 'Concrete / High Rise' period (The Atrocity Exhibition, Crash, The Concrete Island, High Rise) to go along with some of Haddock's ISPs. Today I came across the paper on orgasmic epilepsy and thought the late Mr. Ballard would have appreciated said paper. The lists, the descriptions, all of the nervous system pr0n. Three of the four stories omitted from the original version of The Atrocity Exhibition, but included in the expanded, annotated and illustrated edition published by RE/Search, are taken almost verbatim from plastic surgery journals. They are 'Princess Margaret's Facelift,' 'Mae West's Reduction Mammoplasty,' and 'Queen Elizabeth's Rhinoplasty.'

I'm currently reading the RE/Search edition, and have a few other Ballard books I haven't yet read all queued up. Once I heard the news of his death it was all a matter of when I have the cognitive capacity to appreciate them.

Ironic forum status change

It's the ultimate irony. I'm always getting on everyone's ass about the search function being everyone's friend and other snarky ways of telling people to search for stuff first before posting a question about a side effect they mention on the TV ads. Now I have to go and disable the IPB search function.

There really shouldn't be a board busy signal when only two people are on the forum.

The IPB search function is superior to the Google search for a number of reasons, especially the part about finding something posted a couple minutes prior to your search. Unfortunately our already stretched-too-thin resources are taking a hit from it. The Google search is done by Google. Life sucks then you die.

I'm finally getting over what I've had for the last 2-3 weeks, so I'm back to looking into a VPS.