The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Deja Vu All Over Again

We're still having some hardware glitches, so the server might be going offline again today. Technology sucks.

And we're more-or-less back up.

We're sorta back up.  Expect long response times, time-outs, and miscellaneous weirdness for the next...fuck if I know.  Anything you post on the forum and blogs is subject to vaporizing and floating away to bit heaven.  As are comments on the medication pages.  Other than that it should be back to whatever passes as normal around here.

Crazy Meds will be Temporarily Off the Air

The site will be temporarily down as one of the RAID drives is failing.  It needs to be replaced and we hope to be back on the air around 5:00 PM mountain time (23:00 GMT).

We're back on the air

We're back on the air.  The OS upgrade is complete, the forum and wiki software seem to be running fine.

Now I can get back to relearning how teh Internets works in order to prevent the problems we've been having with the server timing out due to Internet Weather caused by other sites' badly configured servers and people trying to hitch a ride on our servers in the ensuing chaos.  The techs and I worked out the badly configured server part last night.  Now I get to deal with how I over-corrected for dealing with malicious dickweeds.

Internet Weather is a real thing, although "traffic jams" is a better analogy these days.  The problem I'm dealing with is more like the old phenomenon of Internet Weather, but most of the time the problem looks like what you see on this map.  If you ask teh googles for the Internet traffic report, you'll get this site.  Lots of raw numbers, but not of much use to the casual user.  Because the Net has become so dependent upon backbones and doesn't work quite the same way the original TCP/IP was designed to do (i.e. automagically routing around blockages and chokepoints), large sites are a lot more sensitive to traffic jams.  Not the sites themselves, but your ability to see them.  At least once a month I can't reach one of Yahoo, Google, or the BBC.  Which is part of the "logic" used to justify overturning net neutrality.  Instead of fixing what is actually broken - the mindless dependency on broadband backbones - ICANNbebought, the Federal Corporate Cocksuckers, and whoever else is involved would rather make sure you'll always be able to buy a PEZ dispenser eBay, but accessing Crazy Meds will be even less reliable than it is now.  If you can wrap your head around the concept of access to Crazy Meds being less reliable than it is already.

Crazy Meds is down, again

Something broke last night during an operating system upgrade.  Like an idiot I had left a telnet connection open with root logged on, and that interfered with the tech people fixing the problem.  I'm expecting a call back within about half an hour.  So we're off the air until then.

Update (noonish Mountain time) -
The good news: my stupidity wasn't responsible for preventing tech support from accessing the system, so I feel less bad about myself.

The bad news: they couldn't access the system for reasons that are much, much worse.

Why Can't They Just Leave Us Alone?

Don't be surprised if your browser claims Crazy Meds doesn't exist on and off for some indeterminate period of time.  It's not a DOS attack, but we've got some idiots trying to piggyback their dumbass sites on our DNS, and delusional dickweeds I've previously blocked are attempting to access the site because their kung fu got better or something.  So the firewall is working overtime, and that is resulting in frequent, short-term server timeouts.

The good news is - you can now use the Tapatalk app to access the forum on your teeny lidda smart phones.