The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

They're certainly appealing to *my* demographic

The 1990s are back in force here in Montana.  The Freeman reconstituted around the fear that Kenyan-born and secret Muslim 'President' Obama is going to steal everyone's firearms and county sheriffs are the first line of defense against the baby killers in the BATF.  The black helicopter crowd has found a link between socialized government-run health care and the New World Order (NWO):  The FDA's Codex Alimentarius Commission. Specifically its work with the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on the International Harmonization of food. And who is overseeing all of this? None other than the World Trade Organization!  Of course it's the WTO.

Doesn't that read like the scariest shit this side of the USA PATRIOT act?  It's one of those things that has the far right and far left meeting each other in the same part of Crazy Town.  Cue the theme from The X-Files.

I bring this up because the same UNABomberish guy keeps showing up in the ads at, regardless of what they're selling.  I put the first one up on

It could be a demographic identification fail, or he could be the 'mom' in the new UNABomber / Manson family.  Then again they could be enticing him with the promise of lots of moms attending college, because he looks like the sort of guy who'd be hitting on the MILFs.  Or any other mammal that is breathing, or at least still warm.

Now I'm seeing this:

Oh yeah, Harold could be my neighbor.  You bet.  Assuming he hasn't had his license revoked after his 11th DUI.  Although he doesn't strike me as the type who would bother with a driver's license, let alone insurance.

Crazy Meds back online

I currently don't know why or for how long Crazy Meds was unavailable, but we're back now.  When I do know I'll post something.

EDIT: Fuck if I know what happened.  The server went down at 2:43 a.m. Mountain Time (09:43 GMT) and I brought it back up at 1:45 p.m. (20:45 GMT).  I've been through every freaking log there is and nothing explains why a shutdown was ordered.

Pruning the Panoply 2

I've pruned various defunct or defunct-seeming sites from my various blog rolls.  Most are still available in a new section further down.

I've kept some that have a history of dormancy, e.g. Hospital Food.  They may or may not be moved at a later date.

Some entries have misleading dates.  The Flickr version of Texts from last night is updated several times a day, but the feed I'm getting is updated only if someone posts to the discussion.  If the folks at Not Hired haven't received a truly awful resume in some time they'll post a classic, and that will get tagged as being a year old.  The Horse Head Huffer blogs (Spare some LOL, What the Face and others) have dates all over the map.

I'll probably be adding new sites to the various blog rolls in the relatively near future.