The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Wiki Software Update Postponed

Between the on-going problems with the forum software, and my inability to get the wiki software to do what it's told, the wiki software update is postponed until it learns who's boss.

Let the Upgrades Begin!

The forum, calendar & blog software upgrade has begun.  I don't expect this to take too long as far as these things go.


We're back on the air, and there are all sorts of annoying little problems.  Quoted posts look funky, and various admin stuff isn't working like it used to.  That's what I get for being optimistic.


I'm trying to fix some of what's wrong, but it's not letting me.  I need to kick everyone off, as in stop trying to access the forum, but I'm still not able to get enough memory do any cache management. 


OK, looks like I need to open up a trouble ticket Monday.  We're back on the air, it's just that some posts will look funky.

Forum & Wiki Software Upgrades

I plan on upgrading the forum, blog, and calendar software Sunday, 13 January, 2013.  The upgrade should begin noonish Mountain Time (19:00 GMT), and end anywhere from two to five hours later.  I never can tell with these things.  As these aren't particularly major software changes, my money is on three hours.  The forum and blogs will be unavailable during that time.

Most of the changes in the upgrades are under the covers or behind the scenes, so you won't see them.  The most significant one, I think, is the Best Answer feature.  That's the sort of thing we've needed for a long-ass time.

Then one week later - Sunday, 20 January, 2013 - I won't be joining my fellow Caucasians in honoring the work and sacrifice of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. by skiing or snowboarding.  Instead I'll be updating the wiki software.  I don't think there will be any significant interruption in the availability of pages at any time during the process, but I'll have a better idea after I run the updates in a test environment.  

As always, you can check any or all of here, and Crazy Meds' Facebook and Google+ pages for status updates.

New Content: Geodon / Zeldox / Ziprasidone Pages

Actual new content! The long-overdue pages on Geodon / Zeldox (ziprasidone) are up. It’s a work in progress, like the entire site.

I should have written up a page on Geodon sooner, as it's a fascinating drug.  It breaks down into 12! freaking metabolites, using a sampling of every metabolic action your liver and gut have to offer, yet you still piss out 44% of a dose unchanged.  It's like Lamictal in having more antidepressant action at a lower dosage and more antimanic action at a higher dosage, but, unlike Lamictal, why Geodon works like that is obvious.