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Forum & Wiki Software Upgrades

I plan on upgrading the forum, blog, and calendar software Sunday, 13 January, 2013.  The upgrade should begin noonish Mountain Time (19:00 GMT), and end anywhere from two to five hours later.  I never can tell with these things.  As these aren't particularly major software changes, my money is on three hours.  The forum and blogs will be unavailable during that time.

Most of the changes in the upgrades are under the covers or behind the scenes, so you won't see them.  The most significant one, I think, is the Best Answer feature.  That's the sort of thing we've needed for a long-ass time.

Then one week later - Sunday, 20 January, 2013 - I won't be joining my fellow Caucasians in honoring the work and sacrifice of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. by skiing or snowboarding.  Instead I'll be updating the wiki software.  I don't think there will be any significant interruption in the availability of pages at any time during the process, but I'll have a better idea after I run the updates in a test environment.  

As always, you can check any or all of here, and Crazy Meds' Facebook and Google+ pages for status updates.

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