The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Plumbing Mystery Resolved

Mystery solved.  Thanks to a burst pipe.  In a wall.  Along the only pipe in the Monty Pythonesque plumbing that can't be isolated from the water pump.  So no running water, and the downstairs apartment is flooded.  I expect a nice crop of Peziza domiciliana any day now.

Fortunately I have 5 - 7 days of drinking water stashed away.  And plenty of snow.  It's not the heavy wet stuff, so bringing it to melt will be a pain, but at least I have something to wash with until I can find someone willing to come out here to fix the plumbing.  But I need to deal with the insurance first.  When they open on Monday.  

No matter what, I need to take care of this before all the snow is gone.  With any luck it will keep snowing and I can put this off indefinitely.

I'm so fucking chill...

What's the difference between yesterday (top) and today?

Yesterday I had hot water.

I'm close to my limit.  Really.  Fucking.  Close.  Crazy Meds isn't making enough money to support itself and now this. 

I'm pretty sure the water heater itself is working, and something is preventing the water in it from getting anywhere.  There's a leak somewhere, or the pressure tank is about to die, or something.  My guess is a leak, because the pressure tank kicks on once or twice an hour for no good reason.  And a leak would be the most expensive thing to fix.

I'm not even able to care all that much at the moment.  Right now I want to sell this dump to whatever "we buy houses for cash" douchebags will give me the most cash, sell Crazy Meds, clean out my IRA, buy a shack somewhere, and just drop off the grid.