The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Not Off to a Good Start

2017 is already sucking donkey dong.

It began New Year's Day, when I woke up sick, extremely depressed, and without any hot water.  As had happened before, I knew that probably meant all the water would stop running.  Which it did in a matter of days.  Fortunately I managed to save up a bunch of potable water, but that's about gone.  So I'm melting snow for cooking and drinking as well as washing dishes, bathing (if you can call it that), and flushing the toilet.

It's a good thing there's lots and lots of fresh snow every day.

I'm snowed in again.  Assuming I find a plumber, they couldn't reach the house.

While I'm not feeling sick any more, I'm still too depressed to try to deal with the plumbing.  Or getting more food.  I needed to buy groceries before this happened.

At least I have about three months of cat food, so they won't starve.