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You're Killing Me, AdSense

Seriously Google?  Three ads for Dunkin' Donuts on the Wellubtrin page but only one on the Remeron page?

Don’t you read what I write?

At any dosage it will make you crave doughnuts. Seriously. You will want to invest in Krispy Kreme stock (or maybe something along similar lines that isn’t tanking); as Remeron’s antagonism of the serotonin 5HT2C and H1 receptors gives you the munchies for carbohydrates and sugars like you were 16 and smoking the best pot ever in the parking lot of a strip mall with a 24-hour doughnut shop beckoning you with glazed and jelly-filled ecstasy. People dipping spoons into a bag of sugar and eating it as is – not unheard of when on Remeron. This stuff is nothing more than legal marijuana, and if I knew crap about biochemistry I could probably prove that crazy statement.

People who take Wellbutrin don’t want to eat anything. It’s the “happy, skinny, horny pill”, remember? People who take Remeron want to eat doughnuts all day long.

Since writing the above comments on the Remeron page I've learned Remeron is also a 5HT1A agonist, and that is a key part of the sugar-and-carb-craving MOA.  I know this because my daughter and I each take a different TCA, and we both added BuSpar to our cocktails.  BuSpar + TCA = Remeron, and we've been craving doughnuts ever since.  It's hit me a lot harder, probably because there are gluten-free doughnuts she can eat, but none that I can.

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