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Getting Out The Vote, Getting Rid of Spam

I've added a few things to the Obama Prayer Cards site.

There are now two cards for each selection. Why waste the paper? Keep one and give one away. There's a little mixing and matching.

I've also added a prayer for getting out the vote. It's not all that original, as I just kludged together three existing prayers, including one for community organizing. There was no saint acting as an intermediary for that one, even if it is a Catholic prayer.

Plus I've made a crappy banner for the get out the vote drive using my pill font:

Get Out The Vote or here's your prescription plan.

Click on the above thumbnail for a full size .jpg There's also a version with a transparent background and .png (for printing) versions at the Obama Prayer Cards site.

As for the spam, we had a problem with that earlier this month at Crazy Meds. Someone developed a spambot that could get past the Captcha portion of registration. Fortunately an upgrade with the latest version of Captcha put an end to that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jerod, I'm sorry you are having a tough time. I guess now I know why comments are sooooo carefully watched/or monitered.

I appreciate all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

What can I do???????

Jerod Poore said...

anonymous wrote:

"What can I do???????"

About what? My life is a complicated mess, even if I'm vastly better off than a huge chunk of people on this planet.