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Crazy Meds: The Blog

In a desperate attempt to SEO the fuck out of Crazy Meds

Because I can’t deal with my life and need to do something that appears to be productive

Crazy Meds has needed an actual blog for some time.  A place for announcements, news items, and some short-attention-span tidbits from here or elsewhere.  So now it has one.

This blog will continue to exist, but it will now be more narcissistic personal and procrastination bait. I’ll still post notices of impending software upgrades or anything else that will cause a significant interruption of service there, and anything where an off-site location for posting is required because the entire domain is down.  As well as the occasional site update of note.  All the links to research, medical, and assorted pharma-related blogs and sites have been moved to the new blog.

Posts to the G+ page and Facebook page will continue as they always have.  While anyone can, in theory, read public posts to the G+ page without having a G+ account, who does?  Not that anyone reads the blogspot blog all that much either.

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