The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Updates to Crazy Meds 5 July - 12 July 2007

07/12/2007 -

  • Updated Risperdal's approvals to include pediatric schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Not that we deal with kids here, but an approval is an approval. I also fixed the screwed up katakana on the Risperdal pages and added links to Russian and Arabic PI sheets. I think all of my non-Latin fonts got hosed during a Front Page hiccough followed by a mass update. The errors are now being fixed as I come across them, as I originally thought it was just a browser error on my end.
  • Corrected some grammatical wackiness that was an artifact from a previous version of the benzodiazepines page.
  • As mentioned in the update of 5 July, I needed a hall of shame. Presenting Crazy Meds' Copyright Violators' and Plagiarizers' Halls of Shame. As Copyscape and I find them, the better examples of both types of intellectual property theft will be presented as I deal with them. Not-so-egregious cases that are quickly resolved will never show up here.

07/06/2007 -

  • Updated the Lexapro page with a whole bunch of international PI sheets.
  • Also found some Topamax, Prozac and Paxil.
  • Fixed and/or added the names of medications in non-Western fonts. Now a bunch of question marks shouldn't appear. At least they look fine now.

07/05/2007 -

  • Updated the Zoloft page a bit, as the discussion about its effect on dopamine reuptake inhibition came up yet again.
  • The intellectual property theft is getting out of hand. Not just with the couple of annoying thieves I've had to deal with of late. I've had people on various fora copy an entire page here and there, often with credit, sometimes not. People on boards do that to everyone, big and small, so I would shrug it off. But I'm now seeing all sorts of wholesale copying done of entire pages that goes beyond the lack of credit. Oh no, the pages with all of my content are presented as if written by people involved with various sites without a forum or on a non-forum part of the site. So I'm protecting the site via Copyscape. Thus banners of diverse sizes like this:

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

I may have to set up an intellectual property theft hall of shame, in addition to the legal notices that will be sent out.

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