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03/12/2008 -

  • Do you know about that new analysis showing how antidepressants should be used only when people are truly, severely depressed, otherwise said antidepressants are no better than placeboes? You know, the sort of thing I've been writing about since this site began? Well guess what is being added all over the place? That's right, every time a page about an antidepressant (more-or-less) gets updated. And, of course, the page about antidepressants.
  • As numerous people pointed out I had an bout of induction / inhibition dyslexia when I initially wrote the Luvox page. I thought I had corrected that. Apparently not. It's corrected now, along with foreign availability names (in the future to be listed toward the bottom of the page or on the How to Buy page for all meds as updated), prices and something else I'll try to add to med pages: which generics have been rated as being within the 20% range of bioequivalence / bioavailability.
  • Updated Wellbutrin's overseas availability, added rated generics, but the pages bibliography back as it got clobbered at some point, updated sample costs, fixed the Korean font yet again, and copied the PI sheet locally as GSK Korea insists on moving it around.
  • Updated the bibliography to include the tasty 2007 edition of Mosby's Drug Consult I'm now using.

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