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Omega-3 EFAs Can Kill You!

Don't take them!  Just don't.  They'll kill you.  They'll make you kill yourself!

Don't believe me?  Here it is, straight out of the PI sheet for prescription-strength omega-3 fish oils:

Additional adverse events reported by 1 or more patients from 22 clinical studies for HTG are listed below:

Body as a Whole: Enlarged abdomen, asthenia, body odor, chest pain, chills, suicide, fever, generalized edema, fungal infection, malaise, neck pain, neoplasm, rheumatoid arthritis, and sudden death.

Granted the dosage to treat high cholesterol is two-to-four times what is recommended for unipolar or bipolar depression, but a side effect is a side effect, right?  It doesn't matter how unlikely it is to happen or what the context is, a potential side effect is still a possible side effect.  I mean, just because that's how much I take each day as the usual 800mg of EPA doesn't do it for me.  Unless I'm sick, like I am now, and sometimes I get a bit hypomanic when I'm sick, so I don't need anything to exacerbate that.  It explains why the cats don't like being around me because I don't smell so fishy.

I need to jump up and down on Oprah's couch to get this vital message across to the world.  Omega-3 fish oils can KILL YOU!!!  Stop taking them!  Everyone, just stop taking them!

That way they won't be so fucking expensive, because a bottle of the good stuff (not capsules, straight oil) runs $20-$40 a pint.  Sometimes I want to buy some fucking Lagavulin or Balvenie Double Wood if I'm going to be paying that much money for a pint of something.

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