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Video of Brent Arthur Wilson's Guilty Verdict

I know it's a month after it happened.  I've been ill.

Like the other videos of Brent and Jackiya you'll need to turn up your speakers to 11.

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I work in the mental health field and have had the opportunity to meet both Brent and Jackiya. While their schemes are similar, their personalities and mental health status are not.

Brent is a fairly affable, average intellectual functioning, naive man who is probably lonely and was easily suckered into believing the crap he is chanting to the judge.

Is he a bad con man, or just a foolish sucker - I cannot say for sure. One thing is certain he doesn't exhibit any symptoms of mental illness. Nor does he have any overt symptoms of personality disorder.

Jackiya Ford is an entirely different person. She is definitely intelligent and remorseless. She clearly has anti-social personality disorder which is characterized by her lack of empathy or understanding of other's feelings, concerns or well being.

I believe this is compounded by a delusional disorder that is twisted and deep seated.

Combine these two and you have a person who believes that she is the only person who truly understands the law, that her interpretation allows for her to take other's property, and that she has absolutely no doubt in her convictions no empathy for her victims, and absolutely no remorse for the hardship she has created for averyone around her.

She is paranoid, narcissistic, and dangerous.