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Crazy Meds Ver 2.0 Beta Is Now Up

Due to med pages coming up blank at random times for anyone using the most recent versions of IE, Firefox, and Chrome, along with assorted other technical issues,  I've had to convert the non-forum part of the site to the new format a hell of a lot sooner (i.e. now vs. whenever I managed to get enough of it done to open it up) than I wanted. 

So there's a lot missing, far too many of the pages are fugglier than shit with no updates to the content like I wanted to do prior to unveiling it, and it's full of missing links, dead ends, incomplete and barely started pages. But at least you can see all of my incompetence instead it merely taking the form of empty space.

The new URL is  Redirects should be happening automagically, so don't worry about too much about updating anything.

No more frames, although there is a menu down the left side.

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