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More Scheduled Downtime - As in Sometime Today

The techs at Lunarpages are seeing another RAID drive failing and need to replace it today.  As soon as I know when that will happen I'll post it

This will affect the entire site - forum, drug pages, and PI sheets.  It will take as long as it takes, because it depends on a bunch of factors, like what happens to be on the drive that is failing.

Update 1:25 PM Mountain Time (20:35 GMT) 

I haven't received word as to when this is going to happen.  I really need to get some groceries, as I'm pretty much down to earthquake supplies.  I'd also like to see if the pharmacy has the rest of my methylphenidate prescription.  So don't be surprised if we're suddenly gone, or if everything is running smoothly until sometime after 10:00 PM Pacific Time tonight (0600 Friday morning GMT).

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