The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Going Mobile

I'm redesigning the main section of the site to make it easier to read for the 30% or so of the people who access it with a mobile device.

I'd like some feedback on this.  The main thing being if you want the stripped-down version or not for whatever mobile device you're using.  I can override for iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, and any Palm handhelds contacting the site from bit heaven.  I can also override by OS/browsers, but that seems a bit broad.  As I know jack shit about mobile devices, I could be wrong.  Specific software recognized for override is Android, Opera, and Windows.

If you're using a Nook or Kindle, I have no idea what the software behind this considers you to be.

Being able to toggle between the two interfaces manually might even be possible, but don't get your hopes up.

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