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Epilepsy Walk with Me.

Given how hungover I feel today I'm convinced that some of my sleepwalking events are complex partial seizures.  

I can divide the events into two broad categories:

Doing something marginally useful (exercising, light housework, etc.)

Doing shit that makes absolutely no sense.

When I do something in the first category I don't always wake up with a hangover, or it's a very mild hangover, so I'm not sure if whatever happened was due to epileptic activity.  Assuming the sleepwalking is a separate form of brain weirdness in the first place.

When I do something in the second category it has to be related to epilepsy.  Like last night, when I moved the trash bin.  I had put it out for collection in its usual spot.  During some long-ass complex partial seizure I got up, went outside, and moved it 20 feet.

Oh well.  At least I woke up.


Chrissy said...

I have multiple kinds of seizures, some were originally diagnosed as tics. The fuzzy "brain storm" feeling before and after are the worst. I usually stay aware or partially aware of what I'm doing, though I will often "go blank". It's like my brain jumps off-line for a few minutes. I'll know I'm doing something, or I'm somewhere in particular but I don't know where or what and can't recall. I'll tap my head and face a lot.Recently I have been waking up with things misplaced that have the same home every day and it's only me here (rosary, cigarettes, etc) They just go missing. I won't be surprised if I find a giant rat pile I've made somewhere.

Jerod Poore said...

Have you checked the freezer(s)? For some reason many people who sleepwalk equate a freezer with a safe, and stash important objects there.