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Crazy Meds Talk ver 9.0 is Back!

Crazy Meds' forum Crazy Meds Talk is back on the air, thanks to the support people at Invision Power Board. People who know what support means, unlike those lying, rapacious bastards at 1 & 1 Internet.

So spread the word that were are back, and to update all links.

Discussion on the site itself about all the shit going on is happening on this topic.


Natalie said...

Thank-you thank you!

princessaspie said...

Fantastic - I'm glad the site is up and running again.

ariella said...

Thank you for bringing back cm. so what do you think of Lyrica's approval for Fibromialgia

Anonymous said...

I notice you got at least one offer of legal help, did you ever consider that route?

You must have *some* sort of documentation that would be legally binding in court?