The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert. now up

Crazy Meds is now available under the .us domain. I may or may not be able to get the .org domain back, as that's still going through 1&1 Internet's byzantine and obtuse bureaucracy.

Only the drug information pages are available. The forum will have to wait until I know exactly which domain I'll be using. Likewise there's no call to change existing links from to that people might have on websites all over the place. If you do, that's fine, as will resolve to if I manage to recover

I do need some help from people who know something: why the hell aren't any images coming up? I have the files available, all of the permissions are correct and I'll even explicitly use "" within the img src tag. Yet if you were to try a view image you'd be redirected to What the fuck? I don't see anything on the page nor on the index.htm file that specifically points to, but I could be missing something.

And for everyone who has registered other domains, offered other domains to me, etc, please e-mail me. Only people who actually have domains, and not everyone who just came up with a domain name. I just want to get contact, DNS and other information synchronized so everything points to the same place.

For everyone offering to go out and register domains on their own and have them point to the site, here is the information for everything in the .com, .net, .info and .biz universe (.org is part of a long story which I'll be publishing soon):

Administrative Contact Name: Jerod Poore
Administrative Contact Organization: Crazy Meds
Administrative Contact Address1: PO Box 8091
Administrative Contact City: Missoula
Administrative Contact State/Province: MT
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 59807
Administrative Contact Country: United States
Administrative Contact Country Code: US
Administrative Contact Phone Number: I'll e-mail this to you
Administrative Contact Email: jerod23 here at gmail dot com.

The safest thing is to redirect the domain to the IP address:

I'd love to have domains outside of the US. Someone has a registered. Those require addresses in their registered countries. Contact me about getting a PO box I'll pay for or something. Then you can sign up for free computer magazines using the company name. More junk mail for all!


Dymphna said...

Congrats, Bro. - I knew you could do it.

Let me know when I can help.


Richard Gilbert said...


Welcome back, Jerod - it's great to see Crazy Meds back online again!

ThatGirlsMom said...

Thank you, Jerod!

Is the donation button working on the .us site yet? I've been holding off making a well-deserved contribution, and I'd like to remedy that soon.

sorrel said...

Congrats. Good job. Moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I can stop writing down an illegible string of numbers for people to lose!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let me know if I can be of any help.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. This makes my day. Week. Hell, it makes my month. I'm really glad that things are getting resolved, I hope such things continue.

Unfortunately I'm not much help with anything techie, but you know I'll always offer any help I can with content - I'll send an email in a few days (as I'm sure you'll be getting plenty shortly from domain owners) so you know where I am if anything is needed.

Regards and thanks, Cye.

jook said...

Thank you for keeping it alive. You have the only pro-active med site on the Web that is actually entertaining. It takes a real nutter to pull that off. Peace and good vibes to you.

Anonymous said...

I was about to suggest that you get the site back up and then worry about the hard part of regaining its ranking by the search engines. I'm glad to see the return of crazymeds.

I copied your home page to search for occurrences of They were still there in the intro_data directory, but even if I replaced them, I still got linked to when I tried to see the blank image at the top of the home page. I peaked around the toolbar_ad file and saw references to sedo, the broker trying to sell your domain. Could this blank image really be a defective advertisement to draw traffic to

Nancy said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for getting the site back up.

It's helped me so much.

Anonymous said...

Could you try using the IP address in the img src tag:


and so on.

Anonymous said...

Step 1 - check your web host.

If you're not sure of the server software used by your hosting service, you'll need to check with them to ensure that they support the mod_rewrite module, otherwise this will not work.
Step 2 - Activate your new domain name.

Once you know for sure your host supports mod_rewrite; upload all your files to the account for the new domain name. Ensure that the file base structure and naming is exactly the same as it was under the old domain name.
Step 3 - create a .htaccess file

Creating a .htacess file can be done with a simple text editor such as Notepad. Ensure when you name the file that you precede htaccess with "." at the beginning of the file name. This file has no tail extension, the name should be just:

Step 4 - insert the syntax

Basic - domain name change

For a basic domain name change, where folder names haven't changed, simply copy these following lines into the file, replacing "" with the new domain name. If you have an existing .htaccess file; keep a backup copy of it and then remove all other instructions from the file; except for these:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

The Rewrite rule in this instance simply re-maps from old domain to new. Be aware that the old domain name will still appear in the browser window. To check to make sure you are viewing the content on the new domain, simply right-click over an image and select "properties" to view the path. Check your site thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

hi jerod,
im so glad you decided to keep the crazy info available. it really does help a lot of people!!


Tad said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you (and for me), thank you so much for working on getting the site back up, it means everything to so many people. YES!!!! So happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya, now you just have to do a string search and replace on the crazymeds talk. All the addresses are still .org not .us.


Jerod Poore said...


The donation button now goes to the correct account. Although was up more than a week ago, I didn't announce it because I've been really sick and unable to update source code to fix things like the donation button and explicitly defined links. I can live with a few image files not displaying.

As for the bit about Alexa's reference to "crazymedsorg-20" in the toolbar code - that's an account name. There are pages where that code isn't around and the problem still happens.

I have no idea what an intro_data directory is, or where I could make the changes.

Using the IP address was a good idea. I just tried it. That didn't work either. Damn.

As for the .htaccess stuff, I do have .htaccess control. There were some references to as part of image access. Unfortunately that didn't make any difference. All of the site is already up and running, so the rest of the suggestion has already been accomplished. I'll ask about mod rewrite, as that is something we've done before to address forum issues.

Glen - I wish it were that simple. First I need to know if I'll be getting the .org domain back or not. Then if it is .us I have to contact the IPB people to make the changes to the software to make the forum come up under the new domain.

Changing board descriptions is a pain, but doable. There may or may not be a way to do a scan and replace in the database for posts.

Anonymous said...


It's possible to bring up the board under .us and mirror .org into it if you get that domain, without interrupting the board.

It's actually quite simple to set up a replicated board from the original or just bring back the original as is.

Maybe there's something I'm not understanding as far as complexities you refer to, but if I knew the exact specs on what you want to try, I can test the method on one of my boards.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Your website has been invaluable to me in helping my husband (who has Bipolar). Thank you so much for getting the site back online, Thank You!!!!!!!!

Tad said...

You might want to check this link out,;action=display;category=Work

Again, CONGRATS!!!!

mercurial scribe said...

I'm so glad it's back up! Your site is such an excellent resource and I have to admit I felt a bit lost when explaining certain things about certain medications without it!

Anonymous said...

Jerod, your efforts to bring the website back are appreciated by so many of us. A big community of people has been formed around crazymeds, and your website has made a big difference in a social sense to so many of us, who live in these crazy times and have to deal with the crazy ways of the world. You have been a part of developing an underground culture of people who are interested with finding relevant information regarding their conditions, and finding it in an effective manner, without all the bs they already have to deal with. So, thanks.

Jerod Poore said...

As to the image files: I don't know what happened. I had some Google code to insert into the .htm (and .html, just to be safe) files. I uploaded those and all the images came up. Included ones I didn't touch.

I'm writing it off to something just weird. If the tech guy wants to dig into it for an answer, that's fine with me. I'm happy that it worked.

Sekhar: I'm sure that your stuff makes sense. At the time I read it yesterday I didn't realized I was into day 2 of an aura. Only when I hit the ground and everything smelled of cooking cabbages did I realized what was going on. Waking up with it hasn't helped. I'm on 1mg. of lorazepam at the moment, but I'm not sure if that is going to be enough. My fingers are still a bit tingly.

Just where do I sign up for one of those Serbian death camps?

Jerod Poore said...

Special thanks to Sekhar for getting up with a temporary forum, and to Silver and Jerry for the staggeringly helpful donations.

CER said...


Congrats. I'm glad to see you didn't give up. Way to keep at it!


Sherril said...

I searched with Google on "" and got to Halleluia & welcome back!!!

AnonoLady said...


Now I'm really glad I splurged on the organic gluten free mac-n-cheese and organic gluten free gummy bears to send. :)


Gen Du said...

hey make sure the new domain isnt registered at 1&1 since they have been so much trouble. namecheap is a great registrar... dunno what kinda hosting you need but slicehost is nice.