The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

It just never ends

Now the domain registration is locked up.

It usually just updated automagically. For some reason the nimrods at 1&1 dot com decided not to renew it.

Fuck if I know why.

So I have a bunch of support tickets open all over the place.

I thought billing issues were resolved, e-mail addresses were updated, that domain registrars may have even been transfered.

Of course none of that happened. I'll bet 1&1 dot com sent the warning of domain expiration to the long-unused and now invalid e-mail address I used when I created the domain. The one I changed on the control panel years ago. The one they wrote to me in an e-mail that they changed a couple years back when there was a bandwidth problem. The one that I was told they would no longer use and use yet another one when I had the aforementioned billing problem.

Lied to again by 1&1 dot com.

I'm cursed. That's all there is to it.

I own a bunch of other domains just because I was pissed off at the original domain squatter of crazymeds dot com. The one who swooped down and grabbed that after a problem when I tried to register that domain at 1 & 1 dot com back in 2003. But who the fuck is going to look up stuff at the .us, .biz or .info domains?

So was picked up by yet another squatter.

I guess that's it. Life goes on. I'll find something else to do. I should have expected it. Every job I liked has lasted four to five years and then due to outside forces the job was gone.

Pacific Molasses: The data center moved to Cedar Rapids, IA.

Transcisco Rail Services: Bought out by Trinity Industries, corporate HQ moved to Dallas and pretty much disassembled.

DFS (Duty Free Shoppers), a division of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy): I was hired by DFS prior to their being bought by LVMH. As the responsibility for the nifty software that
I helped develop that got products from warehouses and vendors to the stores, and helped to predict how much would be required based on trends and holiday travel (there's a name for that, but I can't remember it) was being transfered to a few guys in Bangalore, 9/11 hit. Air travel tanked. One third of the IT staff was let go.

After that things went really south mentally. I pretty much forgot how to program. It was really weird.

Lately I've had all sorts of additional symptoms, so it was harder and harder to do any work on the site anyway.


Anonymous said...

Speak up if this is something that can be helped at all by outside assistance in the form of hypomanic yet focused energy, cash, threats, etc.


Anonymous said...

OMG Jerod! Are you saying the site's gone now forever???

Anonymous said...

End of an era, this really makes me sad :(

Jook said...

"But who the fuck is going to look up stuff at the .us, .biz or,.info domains?"


If you are too ill to keep the site up I understand. I only wish you would turn over forum administration to someone who is able to do so to keep the community alive and growing.

Dymphna said...

Life does go on.

Where ever you go, know that I've got your back.

Well, except for domain hosting weenies. I'll never understand how they work. ;)

CER said...


I am so sorry to see this happen. If this is truly the end of the line than I'm not quite sure what to say. Crazy Meds has come to mean a lot to a great many people, and it has become a great resource to me personally when I've needed information about medications that have been prescribed to me.

But I know you yourself have had a much greater stake in this as this was your livelihood, and it just sucks so majorly to have it so suddenly taken away from you. Whatever you end up doing in the future I hope it ends up being as worthwhile as this, because this was something that ended up being truly special for a lot of people.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

So no more crazymeds? Even under different domains?

Sad...can't tell you how much your site has helped me out. But if you feel that you can no longer care for it anymore, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anonymous said...


I really liked the crazy meds site. I miss it. Is there a future? Maybe someone else can take it over?

Thanks and good luck

Anonymous said...

awww! I'm totally devastated!
I loved crazymeds, and visited there *all* the time, sent everyone there for all the info they needed etc.

you even had my blog linked from there a few years ago at least. I dunno if it still is. I haven't updated it since '05 when I got sicker.

I'm so sorry this happened. :(


Nom dePlume, Ph.d. said...

Whoa! Now this is just too much!

There must be some way to fix this kind of problem. Unfortunately, it's not in my area of expertise.

Nom dePlume said...

According to, a domain-name collecting company in Switzerland named "DomCollect Worldwide Intellectual Property AG" owns this domain. Their Web site ( has this to say:

"DomCollect Worldwide Intellectual Property AG was established in 2005 with a view to acquire and monetize qualitative premium and generic domain names."

Interesting commentary here:

I think it would be worth sending a note to them, either through their website, or to

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd see no problem with it being on the .info domain. It kind of makes sense.

sorrel said...

So this is it? The end of Crazy Meds? Poof, gone forever?

Anonymous said...

So, is that it? Is the site down forever?

Anonymous said...

No, you're not "cursed" or anything, it's just 1&1 is one of the worst (if not THE worst) hosting companies out there, especially when it comes to tech support. All of the people whom I personally know and who had an account with 1&1 have eventually switched to other hosting companies due to various problems. And here is an interesting link about 1&1's "quality of service":

Anonymous said...

Is crazymeds gone for good! Please Jerod noooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Jerod ..... you can't give up. Do you realize how many people need Crazymeds and you? So many of us out here in LaLa Land really need the special information, served up with a healthy serving of humor, that you have worked on for so long and for so hard. We need CrazyTalk so we know we are not all alone out here. There are plenty of other boards to chat onbut none are so carefully monitored and they don't end up imploding with silly rants, etc.

I wish you well and look forward to seeing the site up soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm the owner of and I will give it to you for free if you get the site going again. I'm a big fan. If is good enough for the BBC it should be good enough for you!
peace, Sandy.

akurah said...

If you negotiated in good faith with 1&1 dot com, you probably have grounds upon which to sue them with if you wanted to go that route. It sounds like they gave you the shaft when they should have helped you out. They might have even been bribed by the squatter.

Though that's also likely more effort than may be worth it. :(

minty said...

many people are being helped by this . . . . . let everyone know how to help to get it back!

LedAstray said...

Jerod, give me all the data you have from Crazy Meds and I'll be happy to take it over for you at my expense. Crazy Meds is important to a lot of people and needs to be kept alive. My email is in your Crazy Meds websit registration records.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up on crazymeds - register reallycrazymeds or stupidcrazymeds.

You and your content were helping people. In a world full of litigious panic and vendors myopic self-interest there is no where to to talk and read about the cocktails of drugs that might help ME and not someone else. How real people react and feel. Where I can read about a personal account of medication experience is perhaps more meaningful than the litany of common side effects that become meaningless, EULA gibberish that no one reads

Regardless. What a gift to find a way to help others. You already did that.

Anonymous said...

How much would it cost to buy the domain name back from the squatter? I for one would really miss if it were gone for good.

Anonymous said...

How much would it cost to buy the domain name back again? I for one would really miss

Anonymous said...

Was the domain originally registered to you, or do you have any record of paying for the domain? Since the registration expiry date was Oct 19, the original owner still has over 2 months to renew the domain name, so whoever it is that grabbed it (someone from Switzerland?) must have done so back-door. I hope you're able to get it back.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean you aren't going to be doing the site/forum/blogs at ALL anymore?

Sniff sniff.....

Anonymous said...

I can understand burnt out and if you don't want to do it anymore OK, but if your ready to return, you can simple buy your name back again at along with .net, .us, .info and more. But time is important and someone will grab it soon. I would even offer to buy it for you, if that would help return your site. Kevin,

Anonymous said...

this is really unfortunate, i used frequently and recommend it to people as well. :(

jcat said...

Hope you will be up and running again soon. You've always been my first resource for checking meds.

Hoping as well that life in generally is going to be a bit smoother for you soon... anyone who has been around crazy meds or the forums for the past few years will have a pretty good idea who's more likely to be in the right. Even if you aren't a helpless little waif yourself....!

Jerod Poore said...

Silver - please e-mail me. I sent you a PM just before the domain was stolen.

Jook, et al. - I may bring it back up under the .us domain. I hope the forum can be moved to that domain, as it is domain-specific. I'll see what I can do. It'll be a few days. Kassiane is really sick, needs me to drive her to a doctor's appointment, I'm still a bit shell-shocked, you know the story.

Sandy - Along with .us that is rather tempting. Then people start registering domains around the world pointing to the site and it proves we have a crazy, crazy world.

Nom, et al. - I wrote. They may have responded, but I've been away from the big computer. In any event, they're the sort of squatters who sell domains for money. I don't deal with assholes like that. I wouldn't pay the dickweeds who stole the .com domain from under me when 1&1's software fucked up the original registration. Plus there were, at last count, over 10,000 links to The going rate is a dollar a link.

Akurah - incompetence goes far further than maliciousness to explain what happened. And to add to the anonymous comment regarding 1&1's "support," I've written about that enough times before on the previous versions of this blog.

Seaneen said...

I will miss the site. Thanks so much for everything.

Anonymous said...

Jerod, you dont know how much good crazy meds has done me and all my mentally interesting friends. I realize you might be burnt out and sick as shit of being burnt, and I understand if you must stop. But you and the site will be sorely missed. Please say what any of us can do to help. I do think we'd all go to any web address to find the site.
Thanks no matter what happens. And I know what you mean about jobs dissolving. over and over again. it sucks. hang in there.

KG85 said...

Man, really sorry to hear about that major BS you got handed Jerod. I can understand how you would feel really crushed. The resulting community that formed from the very unique and rare help your site provides hasn't gone anywhere though. I have pointed many friends and family members to crazymeds who until they visited your site had no idea where to find such helpful knowledge on meds that were being thrown at them. They were able to begin taking a much more active and informed approach to their treatments because of the knowledge you made easily accessible. The site really is a life saver in a literal sense. Of course you and your needs come first but I sincerely hope by one means or another we can see it back up again (in whatever form). Also, hope the non-internet (real) life gets better for you soon as well. Take care.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible situation. I can imagine this ordeal is effecting your health. Take care, and I hope something can be worked out for the best.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you get the site back up. It's been of great benefit to me in the past, it's where I refer people, and I've never commented or emailed in the past - - there are a lot of us out here who use the info and are greatful for it.

Not trying to make you feel guilty if you can't get it up - just to give you encouragement if you are able to. And to send a huge thank you to having the site in the first place.

Anonymous said...

So, do I understand correctly that it would cost $10,000 to buy back the domain name? That's a bit steep for my pocketbook, but I can help with the cost. Everyone, what do you all think? Could we raise the money to buy it back?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Silver- can the squatters be bought out?????
I just can't believe it's gone forever. What can be done?


Heather said...

I already have new questions that I want to talk to my trusted friends at Crazymeds about! If there is anything we can do, please don't be afraid to ask.

This site is so important in a sea of absolute shit for info. There is no place like it, and it is a place of refuge for those of us that really do want to be well and make the most informed med decisions that we can.

Heather, aka HarryPotterGeek, aka Verity...

Anonymous said...


so sad to hear they screwed you around like that. You're a good person and the community you made there was a good, good thing. please don't lose heart. what makes you such a great person is that you keep going and keep trying through everything you've been through. so please don't give up, if you can help it.

if you're up to it, there are so many people who would be relieved and grateful to have crazymeds up and running again. till then, i guess we'll linger around your blog. :-)

BEST of luck and I'm sending positive vibes. xo

a fan of crazymeds said...

Have you considered contacting the BBB. They can have considerable influence,(sometimes).

I hope you will reopen your site. I don't really care what it is listed under.

Anonymous said...

I love crazy are providing an invaluable service to patients who want to inform themselves and get support. PLEASE try to keep it going.

a crazy girl

parmalee said...

i'm sorry - i did not really intend for my last comment to come across so much as a personal attack against you. i simply cannot understand why you continue to help this person who treats so many with outright contempt and loathing - and whose supposed "advocacy" efforts seem more but an attempt to get herself in the spotlight.

moreover, many of her attacks were directed against someone i love more than anything in the world who died because of her epilepsy - i simply fail to understand your continued support of such a non-caring and deceitful individual.


Anonymous said...

loved your page - actually sent you $10.00 through paypal. i am certain that i am not the only one who thinks $10.00 a month is a steal for access to the info on your page...just a thought

Anonymous said...

Please don't let it go Jerod. I just recently discovered this site and it's helped me more than anything else I've encountered.

Anonymous said...

JEROD you can't go away!! You are the uber-God of crazy medications!
What can we do to help??

buysite said...

I've been meaning to donate to your site but never got around to it. I followed the "Buy this Domain" link from to and just bid $375 to buy back your domain name. I'm the first bidder and bidding will end in 7 days. I hope you would consider continuing if I get your site back. I also hope this bidding procedure is legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that. I liked your site. It helped me.

Anonymous said...

As others have said, if there's anything I can do to help, please speak up. Crazymeds means a lot to a lot of crazy people, myself included.


Anonymous said...

I know this is off the subject somewhat, but saw that Kassiane is 'really sick'. Again. NOW she needs you to drive her to doc appointments. WTF???
Jerod, please spill the beans. What is going on???

Anonymous said...


Please bring it back up! My brain is atrophying.


michelle said...


This really is my favorite site for meds because it's accurate, thorough, honest, easy-to-understand, and down-right hilarious. I refer a lot of people here who have questions about meds they are taking. Thanks to this site, I know a lot more about some of my meds than a few of my doctors...

4 years is just too much blood, sweat, and brain power to throw away when there are so many people who need you. Where ever you go, I promise you will have a cult following. We will find you!

buysite said...

The seller of has counter offered my $375 with $17K. I'm glad you are considering moving your site to another domain because there's no way I'm going to up my bid significantly.

Nicole said...

aw, i am sad that crazymeds is gone. it has helped me a lot though, and i thank you for that. good luck.

Anonymous said...

You wrote "But who the fuck is going to look up stuff at the .us, .biz or .info domains?"

Many of us will! This is such a wicked useful site. Please don't let it go!

And 1&1 sucks bigtime. I've heard nothing good about it. You have my sympathies.

HannaKnits said...

Jerod, I miss you and I miss CrazyMeds. I have a lot of things I need to talk to and ask my friends about. Take care of yourself first and foremost, and then let us know what we can do to help you get it back up and running. I kind of like the idea of Then I can use my snooty British spelling I learned while living in Malaysia with abandon. I also like Silver's ideas. Cash, threats, pointy cowboy boots, whatever. Just let us know.


Anonymous said...

How about....
crazy [dash]

(no spaces, replace [dash] with -)...

It's fairly close to the original and it doesn't appear to be taken (without close inspection, however).

Anonymous said...

I've used CrazyMeds for years. Couldn't believe it when I saw it was gone. Somehow, it has to be brought back - even if its under a different domain name, even if someone else has to do it, just please bring the info back! said...

Awwww, crap, Jerod! I have been searching for you all night to see if some Strattera I have that went out of date Dec. 05 was any good to use. I had planned to send it to you and was so upset when I looked at the dates. I also have some Seroquel and I think a few Zyprexa in date that I wondered if you had any use for. I have donated to your site and am willing to donate more to help you get on your feet, if needed. You said once that anything useful is welcome, so I wanted to gather some things....books also.....clothes, etc......and I was blown away when I could not get to your site! Thank God I found you here and understand what is going on. I am so indebted to you for the wonderful information you share with everyone. Even if you never added another word to the site, what is there already is so vitally important to so many. If you are too ill to handle things, we need to get together and do whatever any of us can to help you. We could even put an ad in your town newspaper if you need someone to actually be right there with you to help. Do you feel all the warmth and love that are being directed your way today? I pray that all of your good deeds are returned to you a hundredfold! Take very good care now.....Hugs, Connie

Anonymous said...

your site helped me... I love(d) the candid, "more knowledgeable friend helping me out" feel that was present in your meds pages... and the chat was so full of useful information too...

I will miss it if it's gone.

If you can bring it back I'll be joyful.


Anonymous said...

I, too, always look up medication issues on your far as I know there isn't anyone else out there telling it like it is in the way you do. You're really doing something worthwhile. It is very very needed. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling bad and hope you move your site to .somethingelse and get a better host.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerod, I think I may have double posted last night. Please use the second from HannaKnits (my blog) and delete the first if you choose to approve my comment. No need to post this one. Thanks, Julia/Rachel97

Kristin Dodge said...

Wherever you take crazymeds, we will follow. dot-biz, dot-us, whatever.

1&1 screwed me over, too. No notice, then my personal name was stolen and there's a squatter on my site. A warning to all... do not use 1&1 in any capacity. They are swindlers and thieves.

I hope you feel better soon.

Adrian said...

I've only recently learned about your site, and was shocked to see a domain squatter on it. Please, if you still have the data either get a new domain or give it to someone else to host. I recommend DreamHost, they have been pretty good to me:

Maryrose Larkin said...


I'm so sorry. Crazymeds has been important to me. I'm not a poster, but I've come to depend on you as the only real information about there.

Please take care of yourself right now.


lisa said...

please please please consider putting the site up under a different domain!! your site is so important to so many of us! i cannot tell you how often i've needed you.

tim said...

at the bottom of the page is a link from anrdrew that will lead to the IP address for the real sight.
cut and paste into your browser

Thank you andrew for helping us all out untill this nightmare is resolved. Jerod, thank you for all your help and your friends will help you get this fixed one way or anouther

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go with
"therealcrazymeds.blah" or
"theonlycrazymedsworthreading.blah" or how about "thisistherealcrazymedsandthe
You are the real deal Jerod...
everything else is just spam.

Anonymous said...

The information on your site is too important to lose. Even if you aren't able to update it, we need the info back up... perhaps with a note saying it currently isn't being updated. was offered for free, but we could also use .us or .info.

Here you are trying to help people and these bastards take the domain to try to make a quick buck. That's pretty cold - I wouldn't pay them a cent.

e-mail me @ if I can help get the pages back on the 'net. Your site rocks!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you decide to put the site back up, it's a great resource and an awesome word-of-mouth alternative to all the sites that spit out the pharmacy insert.

If you can't get back and don't decide to go with or one of the other choices, which all seem fine, here are some others that are open:

And if you are going to put the site back up, I would suggest checking out I host my website with them, they are affordable and I've never had any problems with them. They also have an auto-renew option.

Tim said...

Jerod, find anouther doamin host and do what I did when someone was sitting on the name I wanted. use a double letter. is not taken ( I looked) and, trust me, you will get he same fine people and trafic hitting your web sight that you did before. i know that you will still be found at the top of google if you do. hang in there and good luck.

KG85 said...

I sent this email to Just venting a bit I guess:

"I just wanted to let 1and1 know that it has managed to nearly instantly create many thousands of very angry, very geeky, very crazy people who will do their best to spread the word of its neglegent and downright dishonest treatment of your customers to as many people as possible. 1and1 managed to accomplish this by screwing over Jerod Poore, the (until very recently) owner of 1and1's dishonesty and incompetence has been made crystal clear to the public by screwing over such a well respected and long-time community serving individual. His time, along with thousands of others, 1and1 has wasted due to its inability to register simple customer account changes (which were acknowleged as recorded by 1and1) and then not take responsibility when an account is terminated due to 1and1's mistake. Should 1and1 wish to re-earn the respect of thousands in this internet community and dissuade them from advertising to tens of thousands of others of your incompetent communication abilities with your customers I would suggest righting the wrong you have made to Jerod Poore, the rightfull owner of"

Anonymous said...

I'm with Adrian, I've been following some sites, yours along with Phelps was amazingly helpful, to see it gone due to incompetence.

You've helped so many, and I wish I could help bring it back, I'm sure a lot of us do.

Good luck with this, we'll be here waiting for you WHEN it comes back.

Katjhar said...

I understand that things are difficult for you right now, but I just wanted to add my voice and tell you how much I have appreciated Crazy Meds. Having been recently diagnosed as Bipolar and faced with an overwhelming choice of treatment was made so much easier by your site. I feel that it's thanks to you that I got the right treatment first time, which has honestly changed my life.


Peggy said...

I am SO sorry that this is happening to you! Your site is the only good one out there. Perhaps you are expending too much time and anguish on the domain name. I know it's hard to let go, but it's not good to get so worked up by it either if there is another, less stressful, solution.

Step one - give up on your crappy domain host. Get a new domain name, etc elsewhere and re-post.

Sorry to offer unsolicited advice, but we gotta try to keep each other from freakin' if we can help it :-)

Jerod Poore said...

Let's just make something clear - 1&1 dot com is not the domain host. They were the original domain host for crazymeds, but I moved to hard hat hosting, who turned out to be total fuckheads. So crazymeds is hosted at yet another domain server.

I thought I had contacted them about being the registrar. That is what 1&1 was, the registrar.

I registered, .biz & .info through my current domain host because I didn't want anyone else grabbing the domains. I had enough problems with people spamming blogs with being written on the blog and the link being redirected to something like crazymedsqz dot com.

The price of fame.

Why is the name so important?

Because there are some 11,000 links to

And that influences the position of search results on Google.

Google searches were responsible for approximately 75% of my visitors.

While the Crazy Meds Talk community is important, it was the visitors to the medication information pages that made up over 80% of the revenue the site generated. You know, the $30,000 - $40,000 a year that I was living off of.

Do the math. Google visitors were my gluten-free bread'n'butter.

It took three years to build up enough links and the like to get the popular pages into the top ten of Google search returns. A new domain name means starting all over again.

I still don't know how much work or money would be involved in getting .us up and running. The fuckheads at hardhat hosting wouldn't refund the close to $2,000 I had recently spent on bandwidth upgrades, so it was another $1,000 or so getting Crazy Meds up and running on another host. So even though I have .us etc. registered at the same domain host, all the files and the like are for the .org and the others were just add-ons. I don't know if I can get everything shuffled to .us

Plus the forum is setup to be I'll need the Invision people to mess around with stuff to turn it into a forum for

Everyone who mentions affordable sites - Crazy Meds was commercial. I was moving close to a gigabyte of bandwidth a day worth of data around the world. Between the PI sheets and the forum the storage had to be unlimited. So I probably went somewhere messed up, but I needed someplace with a short user agreement, so I wouldn't have the problem I had with the fuckheads at hardhat, who got their panties in a twist over a fucking link to another site. That's why the previous forum went "poof." Short notice, and they cut off the bandwidth when I was downloading everything. I could have converted the YaBB forum to the Invision forum, but the dickweeds wouldn't let me get everything because they cut me off, then my deadline expired.


So, yes, I am cursed. The house I bought is a lemon. It doesn't matter that the inspector and I went over this place with a fine-toothed comb, things no one would ever think of are breaking and weird shit makes it difficult to fix. E.g. the upstairs toilet was imported from Italy so the internal plumbing is metric! I never really liked it in the first place, but the more important features trumped everything else. Except now those features turn out to be unnecessary. And I knew the bubble would burst, so I knew I couldn't sell it for at least ten years, so I'm stuck with this dump.

At least I'm not in Darfur. It could be worse. After all, back in 2002 I was ready to make my way to Liberia and find a machete.

Anonymous said...

I emailed hardhat customer service and begged them to stop being creeps and help get jerod and back up and do the right thing. i told them how many people rely upn that site for themselves and their children and their families. I did not swear, curse, rant, rave and threaten. I spoke strongly pointedly and maybe it won't help a damn, but I did it anyway. what the hell, it cannot hurt

Anonymous said...

jerod, this is bunnyfire from long ago at the bipolar forums on

YOur site has meant so much to so many people over the years...I recommended you to tons of folks-heck, the people at Metafilter always used to recommend you to people...all I am saying is that enough people know about you and the fantastic work you did that if you wanna give it another go, I'm sure we can get the word out.

No matter what, I would like to thank you personally for all you did for me, for all the questions you answered for me, for all the info you provided for so many of us for so long...whatever you decide to do, bro, know that we appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

Most of the information is still available via the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive):*/

The latest update was from 7/10/2007. I did a quick test and a couple of the PI sheet PDF files were accessible.

I wish you could find a way to bring the site back, even if it's a slightly different domain. I understand the whole Google ranking thing is the big deal breaker though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right...shut down, stolen, gone for some other reason....B.S!!!...Jerod...How much did you make on the sale???

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea. If you are the legal copyright owner of all the material contact Google and tell them to remove all links to it. This would remove any of the value that the current domain holder has. Thus rendering the the domain worthless.


Anonymous said...

Fuck i hate people.

This is FUCKED! so many years of your work down the tube just cuz of one little fucking mistake? outrageous! surely there's a way to get the domain name back?!

is there really no grace period if your registration expires?? this seems crazy.

i thought there was a 30 day redemption period on domain names ( and if so, is someone really allowed to pinch it, and resell it, before this time is up? seems like somebodies ass deserves a good kicking.

anyone know a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Well, the IP address still works, I suppose the jerks who grabbed the domain want some huge $$ to sell it back to you.

Anonymous said...

Hm. If you'd like to keep the site going, I suspect you could recruit a fair bit of help just by posting a list of the things that need doing on this blog and calling for volunteers & donations. I just now noticed that it was gone, and I don't know any other comparable resource on or off the web. I'll keep checking by this blog in case there's something I can do. Thanks for all your work in creating the site in the first place!


Anonymous said...

Tally-count for this week from a compulsive data tracker:
4 days.
62 outpatients, 51 repeat patients.
20 *spontaneous inquiries*: "Where is Crazymeds?"
I didn't ask patients about it. I just initially gave them the site info as part of the pt ed process. Some of them 1x over a year ago.
From a FP friend I trained - 10 spontaneous inquiries from her pts.
From an IM friend - 11 from his pts.

Give me a new name; I'll give it out. I'll put it up on the closed clinician lists. That's 2000 people. One gajillion to go.

I don't know what's involved in repopulating Google.
I don't know what's involved in repopularizing the site. (Do you contact all the crazymeds hits on Google? Beats me. Not my AOE.)
I can't imagine it's easy.

But there's a huge fucking demand. And we can't remember all those little numbers.
I'll put them on a sticky for next week, I guess.

Isn't this what press secretaries are for? Or is that, like, so 1982?
It's an unfortunate example, but does the Howard Dean campaign ring any bells? (Just don't do anything regrettable on camera.)
Doesn't pharma do this all the time with "grass roots" orgs? You have the real deal here; it's kind of astonishing, actually.


ps: metric plumb fittings suck, I agree; a toiletectomy is the humane solution. but the fill valves usu interchange.

Linda said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I was just prescribed a new med and so of course I went to the first place I go to in that situation - Crazymeds - what the hell? Jerod, you are so freaking hilarious and at the same time thorough. I mean you are really, really talented in your writing. Anyway, I'm sad now. My son is needing me now so I can't read about what happened right now, so I'll be back.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are feeling better.

What do you need in order to get up and running? There is help available.

Jerod Poore said...

I really don't know where people get this idea that the so-called 30 day grace period for expired domains is mandatory and applies to all registrars. Some registrars offer this and ICANN has discussed making it mandatory.

Geez, it's like nobody reads what I've been writing that 1 & 1 isn't my domain host.

Hard hat was my domain host up until 31 July of this year.

I have a domain host, I don't need another domain host.

I appreciate the support, I really do.

I have the .us, .biz and .info domains registered with my current domain host. But with 11,000 links to the .org domain, it'll take some time to move the information on the .us domain back up to where the .org listings where on the Google results. I do need to do what Glen suggested regarding taking the listings out of Google.

Anyway here's what needs to happen:

How much work would it be to convert what I have sitting at an IP address for .org to the .us domain

What it would take to convert the forum from .org to .us (the software looks at that sort of thing)

What it would take to get me out of the state of depression and being shell shocked to even think about dealing with the above.

It's enough for me to deal with the cats, chores, paying bills, eating and feeding Kassiane. I can barely manage all of that. I'm on a laptop, as I can't even face the computer with the Crazy Meds data and the e-mail where the domain host sends the e-mail for Crazy Meds.

Not being able to tolerate any antidepressant doesn't help. Lamictal isn't doing it for me, as I'm at 225mg a day. All the anticonvulsants do is keep me from cycling too badly. On those days when the ultradian rapid cycling hits, it's the 25mg of Topamax an hour (thanks to Kassiane having some extra 50mg tablets) to stomp on that.

PT Moorage Tenants Union said...

My daughter (BP/ADD) just got prescribed new meds and you were the FIRST place I went to look up.

It's do-able. It's fixable. Send lawyers, guns, and money, right? Reading the blog responses, it sounds like there's more than enough tech firepower out there on this community to re-create the site, and the word WILL get out...

Or what about registering, or something like.

Or just figuring out how much the f-ing squatters want, and taking up a collection? (sometimes it is cheaper to just pay the pirates).

Just some ideas. Hand over the reins for a bit if you need to. But the info on the site needs to be out there. Too valuable to use

(and yes, I was able to use wayback machine to find most of what I wanted, albeit clumsily).

milkchan said...

Wow. Holy fuck. Um... I'm not sure what to say. But then I'm in shock, have a sinus infection, and I've just started coming down from the 300mg of EffexorXR I've been on for 4 years, so I'm a little fuzzy-headed. has given me the info I need to make informed decisions about my health, encouraged me to continue the self-education (last year's PDR for $14 at Half Price Books, hellzyeah!), and taught me that it's not just me - there are lots of other crazy people out there, and we get the same crazy shit done to us in the name of "treatment". Cumulatively, all this gave me the determination I'm going to need if I'm going to get my shit straight, cocktailwise at least. And to me, at least, that is a big, big, big fucking deal.

CM also inspired me to find a better pdoc, and so far the new guy's pretty good. But he wants to add Rozerem, and if/when I'm off the Effexor he wants to try Cymbalta or Lexapro. So I trot on over to look these up, and... yeah. Jerroooood! We neeeeed you!! :P

Okay, sorry. I know you're under enough pressure. My questions are not urgent, and I think I know enough now to start to look for answers on my own. But a lot of other people out there are just as clueless as I was a few months ago, and they'll continue to be that way if CM goes the way of the dodo. As far as I know it is a unique resource, and I don't use that word lightly. (Btw, I think the idea is fantabulous, not that I know shit about webhosting.)

That said, this doesn't really strike me as the best time to be making really big decisions. I would think it'd be a good time for a little break. Maybe a spa day (or your equivalent) or 5.

Anonymous said...

I see that the domain is for sale. Maybe you can inform them that you can take erase the links, then offer them a small amount for the site. Maybe something like $500.

buysite said...

Is your donation link at still good?

According to, the name is owned by a company in Switzerland, Domcollect. At least on the web site, they state "We are not interested in acquiring trademark or legal-risky domains." It's a long shot, but maybe they're ethical and would be cooperative if they knew they had taken a name from an established commercial enterprise.

The following is their contact information

Domain ID:D101867131-LROR
Created On:19-Oct-2003 01:40:37 UTC
Last Updated On:20-Oct-2007 01:21:17 UTC
Expiration Date:19-Oct-2008 01:40:37 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Schlund+Partner AG (R73-LROR)
Registrant ID:SPAG-34871088
Registrant Name:Andre Schneider
Registrant Organization:DomCollect Worldwide Intellectual Property AG
Registrant Street1:Zeughausgasse 9a
Registrant City:Zug
Registrant Postal Code:6300
Registrant Country:CH
Registrant Phone:+41.417109364
Registrant FAX:+41.448334449

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up the site. It is depended upon by so many people. It was my rock. I take so many medications and it was the only site that really helped me. what can we do to get you up and running again? What would it take?

Jerod Poore said...

For those who have asked: I have no idea if the donations button will still work.

My paypal address is now:

Or the old-fashioned way. Cash, check, money orders and the like to:

Jerod Poore
P.O. Box 8091
Missoula, MT 59807

Make them out to me.

Although I doubt that money will fix anything.

biz said...

You are obviously going to have some cashflow issues trying to work through this. I have never contributed to your site but have benefitted from it. Please provide an address of some sort for people to contribute to you. Whether you get the site up and running or not doesn't matter. I owe you something for what you have already done for me. We all do.

jook said...

Start sucking down those Omega 3s bro. And pop some Provigil if you have it. Get well.

Anonymous said...

Well, cash seems to be potentially more helpful in this situation than guns, and most of us aren't lawyers. And you already have Topamax, it sounds like.

Are you willing to accept qualified-to-your-standards tech help if such help exists and it would be of use to you? "Not only no, but hell, no," would be an understandable answer given all the chaos you've lived with lately. I only ask out of curiosity, b/c I would certainly not be that help.

When you do take the listings out of Google, how much bargaining power would that give you?


outofspite said...

I'm a law student with some experience in ecommerce law - e-mail me if I can help in any way.

(I focus more on housing law, though, which maybe could help as well?)

outofspite at gmail

Anonymous said...

How much work would it be to convert what I have sitting at an IP address for .org to the .us domain


What it would take to convert the forum from .org to .us (the software looks at that sort of thing)


What it would take to get me out of the state of depression and being shell shocked to even think about dealing with the above.


Anonymous said...

You got HON accreditation in September 2007 and let the domain expire the next month?

Too Fucking Funny.

I get why "it's too much work" , how it cost you for extra bandwidth and forum traffic etc.

Spent $2000 on bandwidth upgrades and $1000 on transferring to another host?

What a crock of shit.

Bandwidth is cheap these days. So is domain hosting.

Just another excuse to beg for money.

Anonymous said...


whatever crazymeds gets up and running again or not (i hope it does, but understand if it doesn't) i want you to know that it quite literally saved my life. i'm not exactly a productive member of society, but i am alive. maybe you are cursed, but you helped a lot of people and i thought you should know that. good luck with your health, your plumbing, and whatever else the future holds.

Jerod Poore said...

This post is an example of the sort of crap on a forum I have to deal with. Which is one of the reasons why I debate bringing the site back in the first place.

A post such as this in of itself won't affect my decision one way or the other, it is just a good example of shit-stirring when someone who can't follow simple rules just doesn't go somewhere else where the culture is a better fit. There are a bazillion other places where the mentally interesting can go if the culture of one place isn't a good fit.

You got HON accreditation in September 2007 and let the domain expire the next month?

Too Fucking Funny.

In truth I got HON accreditation in 2004. It was merely ironic that the renewal happened a mere month prior to the latest chapter in the Crazy Meds saga.

Spent $2000 on bandwidth upgrades and $1000 on transferring to another host?

What a crock of shit.

Bandwidth is cheap these days. So is domain hosting.

Once again, commercial site. I just dropped the "hundreds" from in front of "gigabytes" of the daily transfer rate.

Plus, you know, unlimited storage.

And, as I wrote, I needed a domain host who wasn't going to be a pussy about libel. There are costs associated about that.

Just another excuse to beg for money.

What was that I wrote about money not solving my current problems? Oh, wait, you'd rather spew than read.

Jerod Poore said...

Now when it comes to ass-kicking, constructive criticism, this poster has something useful to offer in the true spirit of Crazy Meds...

How much work would it be to convert what I have sitting at an IP address for .org to the .us domain


I would hope so. This is where I am ignorant of the mechanics of domain hosting.

What it would take to convert the forum from .org to .us (the software looks at that sort of thing)


Again, I'd think this would be simple, but I don't know the internal workings of Invision Power Board.

What it would take to get me out of the state of depression and being shell shocked to even think about dealing with the above.


I was a former techno-wiz. In the world of IBM midrange systems. I knew a good deal about Unix and IP and all sorts of Internet shit.

Until that meltdown I had in 2002, where a shitload of my knowledge went "poof."

That was something I wrote about. Although that was so long ago I don't expect most people to have read about it.

"Master of my domain." That's a good one.

My ego is part of it, but not all of it. There's what happened with Crazy Boards. And other things in my life. Plus the whole Asperger's thing. So trust issues, control freak, etc.

I'm willing to accept all sorts of help, even technical help. I'll create ftp accounts for people, I just won't share the root password.

eternal footman said...

I had just made my first post at the crazymeds board. I went back to check it a couple days later and it was gone and I was heartbroken. Your site was the first of its kind I'd encountered on my long, strange trip with meds and it was/is invaluable.

I belong to a fairly large technical forum; please, please, please email me if any of the help you need is of a technical nature. And by technical I mean programming, web server advice/setup, domain name questions, etc. I can't guarantee help, but likely someone there will.

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up the site, even if you have to use .info or any other domain name. Your site is the main source of information for people taking meds.
If you do have to give it up, I still want to say Thank you for all you have done for so many people :) And I wish you the best!

Queen Amy said...

This is just really ridiculous that they would make things SO difficult for you. I first stumbled across the site, gosh I'm not sure when...maybe a couple of years ago and it helped me GREATLY. I learned so many things that my doctors never shared with me. I really hope that you get it up and running again. I also hope that you can find some assistance in keeping the domain up and running if you are feeling like you're sliding down the slippery slope at the moment, some sort of assistance that you are comfortable accepting. Best of luck to you and thank you for all that you did for all of us over the years.

Anonymous said...

Why are people sniping at Jerod? Beng crazy is not a license for abusive behavior.

Jerod: I don't understand all the technical issues (not my thing) but I do know that Crazy Meds has been the best source for info for me over the past couple of years. Thank you for that.

For my sake, and for that of countless others, I hope you find a way (financially and emotionally) to get things up and running again. For your sake, I hope this does not take you down any further. You should do what YOU need to get and keep well.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my screwed-up crazy heart.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jerod,
Thank You. YOu have made it clear without begging that your job is now gone and you could use some support. I myself will send you something. Hopefully you can lean on us, the way we have all leaned on you.
With lots of love-
gentledove-aka Renae T.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is a lot more involved in running a website then I knew. No wonder your exhausted, not to mention the events you seem to have going on in your personal life. It looks like you have a lot of support though, willing to try and do what you need us to do. Its amazing to me that you could create such a prominent site with such a high flow of visitors in only three years at I’m sure you could get it rebuilt, better then before, in two. And what’s two years, really? The service you provide is immeasurable. Sorry I don’t have any masterous technical skills to offer (or money, even though you’re not asking)

I only recently came to a certain level of acceptance of my anxiety and depression issues that I’ve been trying to “overcome” since the 6th grade. Meaning it took me 17 years to realize that I couldn’t deal with/get over/fix myself on my own, I’m just too tired. I finally confronted a friend whom I knew was and is still dealing with some issues. He himself was a plethora of drug information and turned me on to your site. Although I love my friend he can’t always be there, he’s dealing with his own shit. Your site was. I have some problems dealing with people, but my never judging computer and your web site allowed a source of information that was thorough, honest and understandable. Thanks to you I was able to gain a better understanding and feel like I could maybe talk to a freakin doctor and survive the visit. Which I did and I have to admit it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. It was horrible. But now I’m starting to take Sertraline and we’ll see. I’m a little apprehensive though and still have questions, and having a site to go to and find real answers without having to involve doctors or people is something I’ll actually do.

I know that you’ll do what you can to continue and that others have already said it, but you seem to have done so much to help so many people already and there a lot more of us that have just discovered you or haven’t had the chance yet, it would be more than sad to see it have to end. Taking care of yourself though is obviously the most important thing for you to focus on right now. You have such a strong following that we’ll wait as long as you need, having your help eventually is better than not having it at all.

Sorry for such a long rambly message, you don’t need to post this or anything; I just felt I needed to share. And I know from past experience, when I feel overwhelmed the last thing I need are a bunch of people I don’t even know being overwhelmingly needy and demanding, so thank you for keeping in contact with all of us annoying bastards. It can’t be easy. And*/ seems to work and will just have to do in the mean time.

THANK YOU for everything that you have done!

And to those who feel the need to ream on Jerod, Fuck Off! What have you done lately that has had a life saving impact on thousands of people?

-Just another person

Pastor Jack said...

I can't believe this...this site has helped me more than any other site. I am Bipolar II with GAD disorder and I loved coming to this site to learn, read, etc. I am really bummed about this major big time...can't we do something about this?

Anonymous said...

I am utterly stunned, having just clicked my favorite bookmarked site and found crazymeds gone.

Jerod, I hope things get better for you, that's more important than all the rest. You've done so very much for me providing sane information, and I've directed so many people who needed straight talk about crazy meds to your amazing resource. Thank you for helping me get through some of the worst times of my life.

I will be checking back often here to see if any organized effort is there to help when and if you are ready to continue. Until then, all I can think to do is send best healing vibes I can for you and Kassiane, which doesn't mean fuck all in real terms but it's all I got.


Grandmother said...

im sorry honey. you did good. and will again.

KJ group said...

Your site has been so invaluable to me on my med journeys - so many meds! Can't think how I would have made it thru the maze without you.

Its so worth the strength it takes to stand up and try again. I really pray the site is reincarnated somehow. Someday - no pressure.

(As a DID, child sex abuse survivor, I am unable to feel anger on your behalf but my therapist assures me this ability will return someday! But I can sympathize with feeling screwed over. LOL )

PS> I love how real you are about all your shit bc it encourages us to be, too. Thanks for letting us in on whats been going down.

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened to hear about this--both losing the website, but also the effect this has had on you. Jerod, I hope you print out all these comments, so that if/when you're feeling low (unworthy?) later, you can read them and know what a positive impact you have had. I speak for myself--but obviously I'm not alone. I never could get the "chat" to work earlier this year, so haven't looked at the site in awhile. A friend I referred it to gave me the news. Your wit and great info--easily accessible and very useful--made a huge difference in my life. Because of it I changed medications--and knew *what* to expect in doing so. My life is better as a result. And I not only told friends, I gave copies of the info to my psychiatrist and counselor. (with the citation to crazymeds) You have made a big and good difference. I would love to see that you try again, but whatever you end up doing, I wish you the best. SCS -- VA

Sarah said...

please dont shut down the website... please, just please dont....

Anonymous said...

Please don't let crazymeds die! That site is very useful to a LOT of people - it really helps people. If you are having too much trouble to maintain the site, let someone else take over. We DEFINTELY would look at crazymeds even if it was a .us, .biz or .info domain.

elocinintherain said...

Don't give up. We're behind you all the way. It doesn't matter where you have to reregister, we'll be there.
-Nicole (elocinintherain)

Anonymous said...

I just learned about the site when I went on it. It's horrible now. Nothing like before. It helped me so much and I told people about it.
Why are you shutting it down and changing the way it looks?
Seriously, I don't understand except that it was for sale.
I guess the biggest point is to let you know how useful it is to the layman. It really made me understand a lot, and your humor was always appreciated.
Let us (Community) know if you need help.
I hope you are taking care of yourself. Best Wishes and hope to see you up and running soon.

- Amy

mabs said...

Did you register crazymeds as a business name or trademark of _any_ kind? Even a bank account or any type of official document will do, this can be used to prove ownership past simply registering the site. Tell this to the guys who have it now, and that you will take it to WIPO.

If not, yes it will take time for links to get updated, but the fact that you have this much support here in this blog, I think there are lots of people that can blog the new website, link it themselves and so on, you'll climb Google in days or weeks, and hit top really quick, remember, the medication names and description get Google hits, not just links.

And I recommend registering a business name or trademark, this will scare off anyone thinking about pulling stuff like this in the future and WIPO gets very protective. Make it's the full domain name, such as "".

Revenge of the geeks in action!

Anonymous said...

Someone I love very much turned me on to your site, and it has helped me out immeasurably at my job. I am very, very saddened to see the site gone, perhaps forever. There are no words that I can use to describe the insight and inspiration it has given me over the years. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jerod, you my friend are a complete idiot.

You talk trash to people and now karma has caught up with you.

You might want to add mildly retarded to your dx.

Tanya Kristine said...

oh no! what am i going to do without this site!!!! i loved it!

Miss X said...

Hi Jerod,

Like everyone else here, CM has been so important to me in reviewing my meds. Your info is straight and to the point.

I'm sorry your life sucks right now but there are a lot of people that need you. And the support of others at CM. It helps so much to know what side effects are normal and what I should be worried about.

To be honest, as a person with GAD, I find I worry about everything. ;)

I recommend your site to people and won't stop if you move it to another site.

If not you, then I hope someone can continue your work.

-Miss X (AKA "lost" on CM Boards)

Anonymous said...


Hey, I've been a big fan and followed the site for quite some time. Get it back going and I'm good for some bucks to help through PayPal. &

are both avaialble.

If you're just tired of it, well, so be it. If not, us nutballs want you back.

If you build it, they will come.

Driving Miss Delusional said...

Listen up Jerod, this is your ANorexic FAiry GODMother speaking. Yeah, a rose by any other name is going to smell a little different, but the search term "crazymeds" is not what built your site. It was queries like "get xanax prescription" and "zyprexa fatass" that built this place (mumble mumble). This Sucks Donkey Dong is the sign hanging over the door to the house that Jerod Poore built. And make no mistake- your name is known. I belong to a chemistry forum that prohibits explicit links to other sites w/ BBS's (for fear of poaching, I suppose.) However, when someone wants to make a point about psych meds or refer a member somewhere for further investigation, dot org isn't part of the equation. They cite you. Unfortunately I can't link his excellent site, but I encourage you to google the source, JEROD POORE.

Does the fact that I changed my user name from @nafagodma to toe on the last incarnation of the board make this info any less pertinant or true? Did the divorce of Crazyboards from Crazymeds bring about the apocalypse? Hell fucking no.

If you need to make a break, I understand that. But don't try to tell yourself that it's because your site can't succeed without the damn org. It's simply not true.

djc said...

I don't know you, but that does not matter. What does matter is that for years you have entertained, informed, educated, empowered and demystified the subject of crazymeds for millions of people; those who are blessed/cursed with imperfect brain chemistry and the people who love them. When I think about how many lives you've touched, made better or literally SAVED, it astounds my mind and makes me cry tears of genuine admiration and pure gratitude. I'm sorry to hear that things are bad for you right now; please allow all those you've helped to return the favor in any way we can. Just let us know how and we'll make it happen. Please don't give up hope, please don't stop trying. We all need each other in order for us to keep going.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your hard work on this. I've used the site many times, and will be sad to see it go. Let us know if there's something we can do to help with the situation. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone here can help keep the site and forum alive. I would if I could.

I'll miss it.

Best of luck to you Jerod!

You can do it, Jerod! said...

I am one of the many people you don't know who loves crazymeds. Well, I don't love crazymeds, but I love the site! You have not lost your job -- it will just take some (albeit annoying) effort to get it back up and running with a different name and/or extension.

I found this blog by searching for "crazymeds" on Google -- after seeing that the .org site was obviously no longer yours. People will find you, no matter where you roam! (hope that doesn't sound scary...)

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerod,

Thank you very much for your your long term efforts to provide such good info in a format that worked.

I hope this is not a stupid suggestion, but why not just change the name of the site to newcrazymeds....

It worked for BODOG, which is major online betting site. Some assholes tried to hijack the original name, so they just added "new" in front.

Anonymous said...

Jerod, I'm a middle-aged mom with a troubled daughter, not someone you would ever know or even encounter in "real" life, and I just wanted you to know that your site has been tremendously helpful to me. With all the support and good wishes you are getting in these posts, I hope you are uplifted and energized into continuing what is clearly meant to be your life's work. So few of us find work that is meaningful and appreciated, it would be a shame toss this away! It is your destiny. I think reconstituting the site will be difficult but immensely rewarding for you in the end, so please soldier on!

Carol said...

Came to the site quite a few times, saw the same thing, site up for sale. Then I knew it was real. Site was done and was going. Unfukinbelievable. Where and who do I complain to now? lol. Where do I get my complete and most honest info. The people who won't lie, who tell it the way it is? I'm not. I can throw a few bucks thru paypal, I did before, I can do it again. May not be much, but hey, every bit helps.
Jerod, if you just become "crazy" over it all, then thanks for the memories, and I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...


If you got fucked, you got fucked for a better reason than you'll realize anytime soon... think about what happened to cause you to create the crazymeds site in the first place... I can't even believe what a difference I'VE been able to make in the lives of people around me because of information and links I garnered from YOUR wonderful wonderful wonderful site...

And not to give you a god complex, or unnecessary panic attacks (I'm BP2 and I'd feel very bad if my comments were to make you feel guilt of any kind), but your site LITERALLY saved a crapload of lives. You personally had an indelible impact on countless souls and you really did make the world just a little bit better.

Put that on your resume and smoke it.

The BEST of luck in whatever you choose to do next!!

Very very sincerely,
crazy and jaded in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, once the copyrighted listings are pulled from Google, the value of the domain name will drop sufficiently that it would be affordable to buy it back. Yeah, it feels wrong to deal with pirates; but if the value drops, they won't have gotten what they want either. That would be one thing, at least, that money could help with.

It sounds to me like repopulating the site shouldn't be too hard. There just isn't anything else remotely comparable out there. I'm in contact with lots of mentally interesting people because of my line of work, and I recommend the CM site all the time. Sounds like lots of other folks do too. Exponential growth is quick!


Heidi in Australia said...

Please put crazymeds back up somewhere. What about inside Facebook or MySpace?
Anywhere? Even a different domain name.
Your site has been amazingly helpful.

emily said...

it's true. people will be googling crazy meds forever more trying to find you. i want crazy meds back. :(

Erika said...

I agree with djc completely.

Jerod, you have helped so many. Take as much time as you need, but please don't give up. At the very least, please know you have saved at least one life (mine).

Isabella said...


What can we do to help you???????
Volunteers, donations, Manic energy, OCD persistence, etc. :)

Look, I'm sure there are enough computer geeks, business savyy people, basically anyone who could contribute whatever they can offer: time, money, resources, moral support, etc who will be more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep the show running (myself included!). Can I bribe you by sending you a gazillion episodes of the japanime Bleach? Hey, whatever it takes, you know. How can we cheer you up? Trust me, you are not mourning this terrible loss by yourself. We are all with you, buddy! has enough addicts, followers, I mean :), that I'm sure there's a "crazyconspiracy" :) or something we can put together to get CRAZYMEDS right back where it belongs: up and running again!!!


Let's show Jerod how much we truly care, appreciate and admire everything he's done which has touched and helped so many of us. It's our turn do something for Jerod, after all he's for done us! It's the least we can do, don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Jerod, would you mind giving us a quick status update on what's going on? I see you are approving blog entries, so let us know how you are doing health-wise.

Writer Turned Web Designer said...


I am a Web developer and I want to help get the site back up again, as well as possibly work with you over the long term to get your valuable information out to more people who so desperately need it.

My expertise is in Web content development, so I understand your frustration when you see so many comments about bringing the site up under another domain name. I know how long it takes to develop a quality Google PageRank and inbound and outbound links to your site. Crazymeds has been an invaluable resource to me over the years and my heart sang when I saw you had started using Google Analytics to track the metrics for the site. I know most of the visitors have no idea what its all about and don't really care, but those metrics are so interesting, helpful, and just plain addicting.

I also have a background in medical writing and know HTML coding, CSS, etc. I think there are probably a lot of other people who visited the site frequently who know some of these things as well. Apache, the Web standard that drives e-commerce, was put together by a bunch of volunteers all over the world. I think we can be the worker bees to make sure your years of work and knowledge is similarly shared for the good of humanity. If you are interested in my help, I can be reached at

In any event, thank you for all you've done.

MamaLouise said...

Please say it ain't so. You must go one with your work. I have told so many about your sight and now you're gone. No one can present so much information in such a palatable way along with making things so entertaining. I can't get the information I'm looking for about my new meds. Life does go on but it will never be the same. Best wishes to you and I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you'll even find your way back to being the source of information for so many. Ciao

Anonymous said...

Jerod, that is hugely depressing to hear. :(

Crazymeds has been a huge help to me over the last few years and is the only meds resource I use and trust. (the rest just seem to want to sell you something...) and besides that, I just loved it, as it was so encouraging and amusingly written. I often recommended crazymeds to the ones I love.

I really hope that someone can help make the site carry on, as i feel lost in the crazy meds forest without it, and I'm sure many others do too. If it carries on under another domain name, I will make the mission to find it, and I'm sure many others will. And I'm sure there are many people willing to help you get the site going again when you are ready.

I really hope that you feel better soon! Don't let these fuckers get you down. (I know that's easier said than done, the same thing often happens to me...)

Lots of love and luck!


marzipan said...

it's all been said. i think grandma said it best, you did good and will do good again... no matter what path you choose.

i too have the same hope, the same wish...all your hard work and information that has brought so much help and relief to countless and your site, will be able to come back.

take very very good care of yourself now. you need to. if you decide to come back there will be many waiting with gratitude for all you have done, all you have given.


Noelle said...

I need crazymeds back! I skipped all the drug manufacturer sites and always went to yours for the best info. My son is bipolar (age 8) and it's looking like my younger daughter is too, and I have herniated discs/lots of pain so they tend to stick me on a lot of the SSRI's. Now I'm figuring out my anxiety disorder/depression might be bipolar II and I wanted the skinny on the meds, and crazymeds is gone!!!! WE NEED YOUR SITE!!!! Ask them how much it would be to buy it, and I'm sure you could drum up the $ from the people who donated, I will. I thought however there was a lagtime between a domain is not renewed and when someone can snag it? My hubby is an attorney and could probably write a legal letter to either the other firm or 1and 1. 1 and 1 screwed me too, they told me how to cancel, I did, yet they keep billing me, refused to see reason, and sent it to collections though there was nothing to host since it had been transferred to another host ages ago. If you need help going after 1and1 I'd be happy to help.b =0) You have much support behind you, I bet so many people will come looking for crazymeds when they are in need of it's info, only to find it gone. We will all help you, you are not alone, please don't give up! Your site was utterly unique in the entire worldwide web, and as more and more people (and children) are diagnosed with mental issues it will be needed that much more! We cannot trust the drug companies rhetoric. Please press on!

maia said...

Oh my god, I had no idea. Crazymeds was always the first place I went when I was prescribed one of the (20 or more) meds I've tried. I hope to god that Jerod(?) works with someone who is willing to pick up the reigns at another domain name. I'd go to for chrissake. I NEED it. :(

Anonymous said...

Jerod, I can hardly begin to imagine how devastated you must feel over this travesty :(

Please take very good and gentle care of yourself - there are so many people that care about you and are eternally grateful for the work you've done.

It'll come back....somehow, someway - please don't lose hope.

btw, I sent a letter to those shit creep thieves...and, well, er...I was pissed when I wrote it 'scuse the language:

I cannot believe anyone could be *SO* LOW as to steal a site from people that have neurobiological brain disorders - things like epilepsy, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Jerod Poore spent YEARS building that site - YEARS of intense research on the effects & side effects of the medications we take (there is something like 80+ medications to deal with these disorders and trying to get a decent cocktail of medications extrapolates into zillions of combinations), and decoding the teensy print and obscure language of the PI sheets we receive from the drug manufacturers into something we can understand.

I have no idea how many links there are to that site - something like 5% of the entire world poplulation suffers from bipolar alone and Jerod's site has been a godsend to so many of us seeking answers, solutions, support and understanding of how to cope with this shit.

PLUS! This was this man's only source of income! A man that suffers from epilepsy, bipolar disorder and I don't know whatall cuz I CAN'T FIND HIS BIO YOU SHITS!

I hope you never have to deal with any of these disorders - I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I wouldn't wish it on your wife,
or your daughter,
or your son,
or your mother,

but karma has a supremely odd sense of humor and a tricky way of pulling the rug out from under you and one day you MAY find out that:

Your SON

Or even YOUR OWN SELF has one of these life-crippling disorders - that the Gods Of Madness have suddenly descended upon you and yours bcuz a genetic switch gets flipped by something as simple as stress or a virus.

And just possibly/probably they commit suicide as we lose one in five of us to suicide.

Ever thought how you would feel, losing a loved one to suicide bcuz of a brain illness?

Or maybe the fate you've wrought will trigger an early onset Alheimers - loooong before you can spend the money you make from selling the site. It's called FATE. The fate you've brought onto yourselves if you don't

G I V E !!!

I T !!!

B A C K !!!


G I V E !!!

I T !!!

B A C K !!!

HariKari aka

Anonymous said...


I found a version of the crazymeds website at:

I wasn't sure if it was "live", but all of the info was there.

Is it back, or maybe never gone at all?

The "Donate" link does go to Paypal, but it shows that the recipient is "". I'd like to be sure that Jerod will get the $$ and not some nameless & faceless entity.

Many thanks to Jerod for an indispensable service.


Anonymous said...

StrungOutOnLife here.

Which articles did you have to upload besides Geodon and Zonegran?

I ask because I'm thinking of writing articles for Ritalin, Razadyne, Adderall and loxapine. I've already started on the Razadyne article.

Anonymous said...

CRAZYMEDS.WS Just $9.99/yr

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to donate but it isn't clear to me if things are coming back online or not.

Worst case, pick the domain you want to use and load documents up as opposed to the forums. That part will not take much time at all.

Make a post on the main part of the blog if you want us to help out.

And remember, there is always going to be a few assholes posting negative stuff. ALWAYS. Worst case, you have 1 or 2 here out of hundreds, that should tell you something.

Anonymous said...

Jerod, sir, It sounds like you're burned out -- totally understandable. How about if you give it or sell it to one of the MANY people here who would take it over. To show you our support we could have a "give Jerod 10 or more bucks through paypal" campaign! Your site has been worth WAY more than $10 and I'll put my money on it! Hope you see how you've made a difference in so many lives! I always come to you to get the "unorthodox view" of new medicines I start on. I love you, Man! It's the very few guys like you who make the internet worthwhile! What do you think??

dulle griet said...

Go ahead and use a .info address! Please! We'll spread the word -- thousands of blogs will. You are virtually a legend in your time.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Sorry to hear of the troubles -- but since I'm a techie, I went ahead and registered, and pointed it to the site's IP address I found by doing a (public) reverse DNS search:

The site still exists at the (numerical) IP address above, it just lost the (english) domain that pointed to it -- that's all.

The registration costs $15 per year, but at the moment I can only afford 1 year. So, please go to to help support the site. We just need 9 other folks to donate $15 each and we can register this domain for the maximum 10 years (so hopefully this particular problem can be staved off for a decade ...I've had my share of domains stolen).

Please note that the site won't work perfectly, because some parts expect the old domain name, but that can be fixed later with search & replace, etc. For now though, it looks like the basic site is accessible.

Hopefully the web hosting is paid current, but regardless please donate if you can to help it stay up.

Jerod: Didn't want to step on your toes at all, but really needed the site, trying to find out where my sudden rash is coming from :)

I registered the domain under your name (see here), and can get you access to and control of the domain asap (I will check back here for your response). The registrar, (french company), is very good in my experience, and their terms specify that you actually own the domain vs. license it.

Just to say, one thing I always try to do is keep the web hosting company separate from the domain registrar, in order to decentralize. No idea how things were setup at, these companies try to bundle (and control) everything now. But ultimately, the owner of the domain name is responsible for renewing the domain, not the web host.

Hope this helps...


Nicole said...

I just wanted to say thank-you. Even if crazy meds never comes back, your site really helped me through some hellish topamax experiences. I know it wasn't a support site, but just having the info that it wasn't just ME was enough. Thank-you, and I hope you find a lovely new job.

Chrisa said...

As the mom of a BP teen, I can't tell you how helpful your site has been to me...I feel like I've just lost a friend!

The good news about all of us loyal surfers is that, while we may be anxiety and depression-riddled, we are also obsessive. So if there's anything we can do to help get back what's gone so crazymeds can ride again, please post and let us know!

Anonymous said...

Jerod..this seems as good a time as any to let you know how much you have meant to me. your incredible insight and information have literally changed my life and my outlook..I am so sorry to see your site come to an end. What a waste. What a travesty for those who come after us.. yours was the only site on the web that had good information. long and thanks for all the fish.


CER said...


Hope you're doing okay and taking care of yourself. I'd send you my old copy of "Stalingrad" if I still had it to hold you over (but there's one here if you catch this message in the next couple days or so)!

Watch your health, and keep your chin up.


Sanjay said... - especially the forums (im not a poster but i read the forums often) - has helped me greatly over the years in making choices re drug treatment for my ocd and bipolar.

Even if you don't want to run the site anymore, you should at the very least reclaim the domain - a name you built - it's your copyright, your artistic/intellectual property - morally it belongs to you and you should not let anyone else steal that from you.

as others have stated above, you should work to drive down the price of the domain by having google pull the copyrighted listings, and by contacting all of your friend sites and others who link to and have them remove those links. then the value of the domain name will plummet. then you can easily and cheaply buy back your domain name.

at that point you should then sit down and figure out on paper how to rebuild the site - both technically and legally/businesswise - so what happened to you this time won't happen again.

i understand you - like most of us "mentally interesting" folk - are constantly sick with emotional/mental ups and downs - and sometimes just don't give a shit about anyting. this is why you need a rock solid plan, one which would allow you to let the site run on autopilot - by possibly designating volunteer members of the site to maintain it, moderate the forums, etc. lots of 'community' based sites do it like this - even those that are commercial.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much the information here has helped me. Please let us know how to help.

Anonymous said...

Jerod... I'm new to this whole crazy world and your site was a HUGE help to me when I was all sorts of lost and confused and no one else knew what the hell I was talking about...

If you do decide to bring it back I'm all for it but take care of you first.

Anonymous said...

I am so freakin' sad :(
I found you three years ago when my two year old son started having seizures. I had hit bottom; they got worse and I thought he was never going to get better. was so sad with self-righteous god-squad moms who fed off of offering sympathy. Your site's gallows humor made it easier to deal with.
Shortly after I found it, my son got better with Keppra and Valporic Acid. He's been seizure free for two years, and is weening off meds entirely.
I've checked in from time to time, and it is sad that it is ending. I've referred so many people to the site.

Realitology said...

sorry to see you go. It was a great site and I used it often.

For the record...1&1 sucks. There's a reason they're cheap. They screwed me too so I eventually moved all of my domains to godaddy. If you start another site (which I hope you do) I'm sure you won't use 1&1 anymore.

I really hope you're able to move the site to another domain. The search engines will eventually find you and the public will too. Best of luck and thanks for the site over these past years.

QOH said...

I can't tell you how many grateful friends I've referred to your site and how much it helped me personally.
Thank you for doing it! But it is too much of a shame for it to be gone forever. Couldn't the info/site live on at a blog site supported by adwords?

Anonymous said...

crazy meds was very important for me too. I hate to see it go. BTW, I am in Brazil.qnxz

Anonymous said...

um..i really need this site to be working. It was the only way I kmnew what the fuk I was eating!

Anonymous said...

I loved the crazymeds site. Sort of a Hitchhiker's Guide to Neuropharmasuticals.

The "Hitchhiker's Guide" has already supplanted the great "Encyclopedia Galactica" as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom, for though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least widely inaccurate, it scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important respects.

1. It is slightly cheaper.

2. It has the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters on its cover.

It's your reputation, and the content that people are looking for. The name doesn't matter. If you build it, we will come!

Anonymous said...

man, i love that site!!!!! I am going to miss it so much!!!!!WHY???? where else can we get straight forward stuff.

Anonymous said...

no way!! Please come back. you were so helpful to me and my daughter

Heather said...


Is there any way you are going to fight back? We NEED this site.

The name is worth so much because your site was INCREDIBLY valuable. There is nothing else out here for those of us struggling.

Start again. Give us a place to link to. We WILL rebuild crazymeds. You have people here offering cash, time, resources, know-how...


Tracie said...

Jerod, I really hope that you can find a way to continue Crazy Meds. It's such an invaluable tool to mentally "ill" people on the internet. Please do something, if you're at all capable. And if you're not, please allow other people to help you. The world needs Crazy Meds.

- Tracie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerod, Hi everyone,

I used a back-door method to give you access to the CrazyTalk forum in read-only mode. Please note that you cannot log in or post anything new. I have removed any link that may resolve to, except those where donations still go to Jerod with the registered to his Google or Amazon account.

Please use: , follow the usual link to the Crazy Links Talk, or use the direct link

Please note that the template will load on the index and forum pages , but not on the final posts page, but you'll see the contents. If you get an invalid page, it's because I'm still working on it. If you see any link which goes to the cybersquatter's page, please let me know, I'll fix it right away. Please send the full URL link.

A temporary forum will be available at (only one forum) in case those of you who are members of the former board want to have a common location till the situation is resoloved by Jerod using the .us domain.

To the person who has registered , please email me, so we can get in sync.

Jerod, please email when you can.


mike said...

I'd just create another domain... I got to this blog just by typing "crazy meds" in google... Currently it's the third link down...

Anonymous said...

The previous blog entries here have links using ,

Cassi said...

Can you republish the site at It's very close to the original.

Anonymous said...

Have no idea what I'm talking about here but just wondered if a Google search and other posted links would find you under a different name if you also listed "Formerly" at the new site somewhere. Was just hoping that an action such as this would not make you lose all of your links on Google. Does anyone more knowledgable have any idea how to make this work?


Anonymous said...

Jerod, thanks for everything you have done with CrazyMeds. I have had many weird reactions to meds and your site was fantastic in working out what to expect with each new one. Once I was rushed to ER with uncontrollable limb movement after my first day on Zoloft, and my (extremely crappy) psychiatrist at the time told me that it must be a coincidence because that wasn't a listed side effect for Zoloft. Then I looked it up on CrazyMeds and there it was.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the site was really really helpful, and that I would love to see it continued if at all possible. Thanks again.

Nancy said...

I stumbled up on Crazymeds eight months ago when my world started to fall apart. I had just started Lexapro, Ativan and Lunesta, for severe anxiety and depression. This was the only website where I found accurate, no-nonsense information and forums and it gave me hope. I checked it daily to read about my medication and to remind myself that I would soon feel better like so many other people in the forums I read about. I want you to know what a great resource you have created, and that I hope that will help you find some solace in all this. I also hope it would encourage you to not let all that information you have written up and amassed go to waste... so many people need what crazymeds provides. I referred numerous people to the site. There really is no other site like it, you have such a unique thing going here, and it has been a large part of the overall treatment that has saved my life. I know you only intended it to be informational and not a support site, but the mere existence of it has given great support to so many including myself. Please take care of yourself and do consider bringing it back and putting the screws to those asshat squatters. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Please keep this site up on a new domain! It is such a valuable resource!

Anonymous said...

Anyone making offers on buying the domain?

If so, I won't make an offer-- I was planning on making an offer, buying it, and work with Jerod to resurrect the site with the old domain.

I'd rather not end up competing with someone who has similar plans.

Anonymous said...

Well, just stopping by to see if there's any new news. Jerod, I wanted to let you know (as is appropriate for the Thanksgiving holiday) that your site is something I have been incredibly grateful for - people have said it hundreds of times, but it has been an amazingly straightforward resource that has helped so many of us, so, thank you. I hope you are hanging in there, you are missed! <3 karla

Anonymous said...

Oh, lol, what a moron i am, i ought to have looked farther - WWW.CRAZYMEDS.US!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you, and i will spread the word to those i know! Please stay well Karla (random carzy person who always needs help with her crazy meds)

eternal footman said...

I'm checking in again Jerod to see how you are doing...I haven't seen you post in the past couple of posts at the end of this long list and I know the winter months can be a huge pain in the posterier for those of us with mental issues. Starting around October I become a hermit and do only what I absolutely have to until the days start getting longer.

Are you okay out there? Are things going better with the house? Have you gotten those rat bastards to give up the domain name they are squatting on?

You don't have to answer, so don't feel any pressure to. Just know that someone out there with similar mental issues is wondering how you are.

Janis said...

There's always:

or some sort of punctuation, like a hyphen.

I say show the bastards up. Try .info (my choice, since .us might scare some needy "foreigners" off). You'll get more Google traffic, I bet.

It sounds as if there are lots of people out there willing to help, including me. If thre's one thing I've learned as a nutcase, it's to take the help when it's offered.

I've had great luck with re: hosting and domain (, and I'd be willing to pay them the $10/mo and other $10/yr for a domain name and modest hosting service to make sure the site stays up, even if it sits there cryogenically available until you can revive it. And yourself.

So, people who are sad, please don't be, just roll up your sleeves and put your gloves on. Many hands make light work (or perhaps mangeable work for wackos).


stonjes said...

Hi Jarod-

I was absolutely ecstatic to see you up on WWW.CRAZYMEDS.US!!!!!

I hope that site admin crapola is better with whoever is hosting you now.