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09/19/2007 -

  • I can't believe I forgot the drug-drug interactions link on the BuSpar and Invega pages. D'oh! That glaring omission has been corrected.
  • I've been adding boards. If you've been on the Crazy Meds Talk forum, you've noticed. If you haven't, you wouldn't know better anyway.
  • I've activated the Blog feature on the forum. Blogs are a great way to keep track of your progress on meds and stuff. That's also the place where everyone can get down with the tea and sympathy and other support-group like activities. As if enough sites weren't offering blogs, you can get one here as well. Whoopee!
  • There have been a couple more mentions of Crazy Meds in the legitimate media.
  • I'm trying to get some new content up. Really. It's just one damn thing or another.


Anonymous said...

Pls Help! I love crazymeds site and it's not coming up. Instead I get a list of sponsored links. How do I get past it to get to the regular crazymed site? Sorry if this is a dumb question.... but I am mentally intersting, after all... Maybe you could put a line in your blog about this? Either way, thanks so much for creating yr site...

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. Crazymeds is one of the best resources on the web, it tells it like it is, and always has. It needs to live on for the benefit of those who cant get the real deal from other sources. Jerod, if you need to move on, that's totally understandable, but I really hope that somehow the Crazymeds & Crazyboards content & community can somehow be preserved!!!

Anonymous said...

dear jerod,
will the old content be able to be viewed anywhere else, even if you wish to not add to it? even for a small fee we all value that site.
you could end up doing a ok w pay pal.

It really has been my bible and helped ALL I know, hence me saying lets pay for old content.