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More New Boards, Minor Corrections on Drug Info Pages

I thought I had a board for each of the popular atypical antipsychotic. I don't know how I could have left out Zyprexa, the most popular (in terms of sales) antipsychotic of all time. Other than being an idjit on neurological medication, of course. So the Zyprexa board now exists.

Due to popular demand, we have an entire category devoted to the technical details regarding one's brain:

My. Brain. Hurts! This. Is. Why!

Boards include:

Know Your Neurotransmitters
Grey Matter's Anatomy
Blame Your Parents!
Antagonist? I sorta remember that from lit class...

Also, on the main site I fixed the problems with the Cyrillic, Japanese and Hebrew fonts on the Zyprexa and Risperdal pages. There was also a dead link to the Japanese PI sheet on the Risperdal page, and that has been replaced with a link to a consumer-oriented PMI shiori page.

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