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More will be added as demand warrants.

As for the main part of the site:

08/30/2007 -

  • Added a picture of what Lamictal-induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) actually looks like to the Lamictal page. I know it still won't keep people from asking, "Is this The Rash?" but it's worth a shot.

08/24/2007 -

  • I just had to update the Thorazine page because I was so pissed off after hearing a report on NPR yesterday. Aside from being two months out of date (Check the Risperdal page and see the approval dates for pediatric bipolar disorder and schizophrenia), American Psychiatric Association President Carolyn Robinowitz, M.D. said on Morning Edition that Risperdal was the first antipsychotic approved to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in children and adolescents. Ahem. Thorazine was approved to treat both in both decades before Risperdal even existed. Compazine was approved to treat pediatric schizophrenia since I was a kid, but only as a last resort. How sad is it when a Citizen Medical Expert such as myself has to correct the freaking president of the APA. Oh, wait, that's why all y'all read this site, isn't it?

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