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New layout and shirts at Straight Jacket T-Shirts

Bad timing has been such a large part my life's narrative for these past four years, so why should I stop now. When do I finally get it together to crank out designs for shirts? When no one has the money for $25 t-shirts, that's when. Would working on the Crazy Meds site be more productive? Of course it would. Which do you think helps me more to deal with the near-crippling depression I've been experiencing with for coming up on two years now? Hey, you got it in one.

I've added new & improved versions of the Depression Sucks, Fuck Depression, Bipolar Sucks and Fuck Bipolar lines of shirts, including the addition of plus size shirts. There's also an OCD variant. I've added the plus sizes to the Lab Rat series and I'll be adding plus sizes to other designs.

Some of the new designs include:

Batshit Crazy
Extra Medication For All!
I Love My Meds
I'm So Happy I Could Kill Myself
You're Gonna Love My Nuts

and more.

I've also divided the virtual store into different sections, so the annoyance factor of trying to find a shirt you like should be somewhere between an urban Goodwill and Hot Topic.

It doesn't cost anything to browse at Straight Jacket T-Shirts. The Fail Blog-worthy product names (e.g. You're Gonna Love My Nuts Women +Size ScoopShirt)are worth the price of admission.

Valentine's day is fast approaching. Instead of saying it with flowers and/or chocolate, why not say it with pills?

You or someone in your life might be just crazy enough to want their medication do their talking. I have more designs in the works. Getting said designs off of paper and onto teh Interwebs is all a matter of where in the depressed part of the bipolar spectrum I am and how much of a disaster my life is at the time.

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Unknown said...

I just stumbled on your site, and I had to become a follower. The bipolar bond is there! Wow. Thanks!