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Crazy Meds Site Updates

04/01/2009 -

* Everything is completely updated with a new design and content...Who am I kidding. I thought I had fooled myself when I woke up at a decent hour and felt like fixing shit today.

* I know about that bug with the PayPal donation button on all of the non-forum pages. The reason PayPal hates me this time is they don't like to be framed. I'll be changing all the pages so they get their very own extra-special window to allow anyone who is sure they're still going to have a job over the course of this year (e.g. those who work for the unemployment office or in the foreclosure industry) to make a donation. See the page on how to support Crazy Meds for details on mailing cash, checks, etc. or helping in ways that don't involve filthy lucre.

* As part of my program of giving in to giving up I'll no be teasing you with promises about the income and expenses of this site, like I used to be so good about up through much of 2005. My life is such a complicated disaster that I haven't been able to download my own financial information into Quicken since some time in 2007. All I know is I owe a shitload of money to banks who are in deep shit themselves. I'm part of the problem! YAY FO' ME!!!

* As usual I'm saving the best for last. I've had to update the privacy policies, because Google will be offering anyone who visits this site a tasty cookie. One of those cookies that leaves a trail of cookie crumbs. So read up on it.

Hey, this blog has AdSense ads. I wouldn't be surprised if Google offered you a cookie when you came here.

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