The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

The Map is the Territory

The new political reality of Europe, as seen by Yanko Tsvetkov. A.k.a. ArtWerk.

Best viewed at ArtWerk's Flickr stream, as there are all sorts of notes as well.

Franklin Veaux's map of the countries, provinces and various territories in the Lands of Human Sexuality:

At the website the map is about three times the size you see here, although clicking on the picture one or more times (depending on browser, setting, etc) should get you the full-size version. Better yet you can place pins into the different territories regarding stuff you've tried and liked, didn't like, haven't yet tried. Your own map can be saved and embedded in your own pervilicious blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I had only just begun when I started taking Prozac!

maddy said...

HAHAHA! Bjork!

I love the sex map.