The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Not Again

Authorization mismatch errors are popping up again. We had that problem before, but the fix is probably different now due to code upgrades and a somewhat different OS.

The work-around is simple enough, logging out and back in. Any post you were in the middle of at the time will be displayed for your copying enjoyment, and the back function in Mozilla works. I guess it would work in most other browsers. Regardless, after you log back in you can click on the add reply button, or compose a new PM or whatever and paste the copied text back in.

Anyone who doesn't have a fixed IP address or logs onto the Crazy Meds forum from different computers is more likely to have this problem. Any one using more than one computer, using a dial-up connection or who otherwise doesn't have a fixed IP address should always log out when done reading the forum.

I know of one way to fix it, but it's something I'd rather not do. However if any other option is too much of a pain or sucks more then I'll go that route.

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