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Problems with Forgotten Password Reset

I still don't have any e-mail functions working on the forum. Therefore if you've lost / forgotten your password the link to request a new one won't do anything. You'll have to e-mail me (jerod23
[at] gmail
{dot} com) and I'll manually reset your password. Just tell me the user ID you use to log in with, and either a password you wish to use or if you want me to just assign you one. Either way you can change your password whenever you like.

That nothing has changed with the forum e-mail is mainly due to my being sick since I saw my shrink on 30 July and I've just gotten over it. Given how screwed up my immune system has been since being exposed to a shitload of new office chemicals in an airtight building back in 1996, getting ill whenever I go to a doctor's office is a fairly common occurrence. That's exacerbated by my avoiding contact with other people as much as possible. I'll go weeks at a time without seeing or talking to anyone in real life.

Loners tend to have crappy immune systems. All the studies I can find conclude this is because the stress of loneliness suppresses immune system response, or people who were born with shitty immune systems tend to be socially avoidant / indifferent. E.g. Genetic variability within the innate immune system influences personality traits in women. and Attachment security and immunity in healthy women.

The obvious bit is left out. Those of us who avoid people aren't exposed to everyone's dirty, disgusting germs on a regular basis so we don't have the built-in immunity regular people do. While our immune systems suck to start with, they don't get regular exercise and atrophy on top of it.

Plus I think the methylphenidate prescription I had filled in Spokane isn't bioequivalent to what I normally get in Missoula, or what the Walgreen's in Spokane has given me before. So that's not helping either.

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