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Registration Problems & Expected Service Interruptions

1) There may be a problem with reCaptcha, the zen-like word pairs used in the registration process to help prevent spambots. While I have received only a couple of e-mails from people having a problem with reCaptcha, new registration is significantly down. I have no idea if any problem with reCaptcha is related to the problems I'm having with SMTP and other TCP services. If you are unable to register and did the usual stuff (made sure cookies and java are enabled, cleared your cache, etc.), just drop me a line and I'll manually register you. The link to contact me at sign-in / registration won't work until I can fix the problems the forum is still having with e-mail.

Then again the reCaptcha program could have turned mean and/or crazy. It happens.

2) Dil from tech support got back to me about fixing the monumental fuck-up I did Thursday night. It's going to take a few serious changes to the account. There will be at least one reboot of the system on top of the two (or more) that already happened since Friday evening. Expect an indeterminate number of interruptions between now and Sunday lasting a few minutes. As HTTP was never involved with the problem I hope it stays that way.

Edit as of 4:15 Mountain time: Vlad found the idiotic thing I did and it was very simple to fix. The site will be available until the next majorly stupid thing I do.

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