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I'm fried

I'm really fried now. I'm still plugging away at trying to figure out what's up with the missing 30,000 or so posts. I don't know what the correct number is. The table in the database on the current server has ~44,000 rows, but the stats show ~38,000 posts. Either way, I get the same 13,895 rows no matter how I try to export the table.

Something is funky, because it's the same number of rows when I export the entire database or just that one table. Plus the missing rows are all in the middle somewhere. The very first and very last posts all show up.

There's a utility called bigdump. I can't process how it works. The other recommendation from IPB is no longer supported. I'm going to try exporting 10K rows at a time. That I can do without thinking.

I'm seeing people on the forum. The thing is offline. I'm the only one who should be able to poke around it now.

At least some other stuff was taken care of.

While I still can't access HTML files via the IP address, the sites shows up as expected via the VPS preview using the domain name. The reason why it all stopped working after turning on the VPS software is that document root needed to be changed from /var/www/html to an entirely new and custom directory. Surprise!

Plus the VirtualHost stanza now takes up more than a full screen.

As if often the case when the support person took a look at the DNS entries they were just fine. That was a fast self-correction too, as she got back to me in about 20 minutes.

named and syslog are running as processes, the services just don't appear to be running according to the VPS software's panel. Entries are being written to my logs. Lots of entries, as I have Apache set to debug for now.

Because I'm seeing the index.html page through the preview I'm going to assume, for now, that named is running and there's a bug in the VPS panel.

If I don't get a response about the nameserver problem by tomorrow I'll e-mail support directly.

Edit 7:18 p.m. Mountain Time: exporting 10-30K rows at a time from the two tables that were giving me problems worked. The IPB database has been migrated to the new server.

Since they sent their usual follow-up e-mail, I asked the Bangalore support team about the nameserver issue. I don't know if it's their area, but they've been pretty quick with any problem I've had.

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