The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

The Night Shift is Taking a Look

Just got an e-mail from one of the junior system admins. He's stumped as well and is referring the problem to Parallels.

I let him know that re-installing MySQL is an option, as importing the database isn't that big of a deal now that I know about breaking up those two problematic tables into smaller chunks and have already done so.

I don't know where the Plesk software people are. It was originally developed in Novosibirsk, and they're GMT +7:00. The original Parallels is based in Switzerland, but the company that gobbled them up and assumed their name is in the Seattle area.

The Schadenfreude begins to your right.-------------------------->

It makes everything more tolerable. Really.


Anonymous said...

thank you
I appreciate what you're doing,

Anonymous said...

crazymeds is a religion please come back

Jerod Poore said...

Dil from tech support wrote back. I can get to the Plesk panels.

Everything else I've dealt with involving Plesk & Linux has meant it's more complicated. This time there are additional steps to be taken if MySQL is being obstinate regarding user permissions.

I'm too tired now to fuck around with anything. We'll see tomorrow if I can get things working.

Anonymous said...

Damn Jerod! I stopped by to say hi and the forum all went to hell! Sorry you're having such a mess on your hands. Hope you get things back up and running soon.