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Let's make it the weekend.

I asked the IPB tech people about what it takes to move from one server to another. After reviewing the instructions it doesn't look too difficult. Not easy, just not impossible.

So here's the current plan: I'll take the forum offline sometime the evening of 3 July and run a bunch of housekeeping. I'll give myself the entire weekend to get things up and running. Whenever it's done, it's done. Check here for progress reports.

If we're not up and running by a decent hour on 5 July, I'm throwing in the towel, buying the graphic control panel and paying someone at IPB to do the install. If they can't do the install before 10 July I just hope I'll have managed to save all of the data that make up the forum because I really, really don't want a version 10.

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Dymphna said...

Come on, it doesn't have to be version ten, it can be X, like Mac OS X, or the X files.

Or Crazy X, since so many people's exes are crazy...

I'm brain dead...