The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Crazy Meds Talk Forum is up and running

We're on our slick new server. How long it will take to propagate all over the InterTubes is anyone's guess.

Forum performance is much better.

Guests are once again allowed to view the forum, and all of the old features are back.

I'll still be tweaking stuff here and there, so expect a few hiccoughs. Otherwise we're good to go.

All in all this was a relatively painless migration, accomplished in less than 48 hours and not once did I have to remind myself of alt.sysadmin.recovery's motto:

"Down, not across.".

It's been 17 years since I was the sysadmin of a box running *nix (SCO Unix, if you must know)
and it's been close to ten years since I last had a shell account on a *nix system where I could do much of anything. So this really happened a lot quicker and quieter than I had originally thought.

I still need to sleep a lot for the next couple of days. I'm not used to 'pushing' myself like this on all of these meds.


Dymphna said...

I have a blank page in place of a forum, boss.

Is it me or you?


Bobby said...

shit don't work biatch

Bobby said...

me too this is therapeuticbrigg

Bobby said...

me too, this is therapeuticbrigg

Anonymous said...

I am getting a blank page, also, when I click on the link for the forum.