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Down, Not Across: the Sequel

Whatever the fuck is wrong with the e-mail on Crazy Meds' new server, it is making me way crazier. Can't think straight after only five hours of working on it crazier. It is really depressing. Before I was crippled by my brain cooties I would be able to stay at work until whatever wouldn't work got fixed. Sometimes that meant staying until two or three in the morning, after getting to work between six and seven the previous day. I'd arrive so early that I always had to sign in with the guard at who was at the end of his shift, so when he saw me signing out after midnight he knew something had gone thoroughly ass over tits.

I don't give a damn that it's been 17 years since I last did admin work on a small *nix system. I'm still pissed that I can't make this work.

Fucking SMTP Simple my ass.

It refuses to listen. It might have problems after that, but that's the current problem. It just won't fucking listen to the port it's supposed to. I can't telnet to it from the local host and mail is going nowhere from either the command line or from the forum.

Asking the experts on teh InterTubes isn't going to do me much good. I have a rather primitive form of Qmail. It's 1.03 (or whatever the latest version is), but I don't have any of the stuff that apparently makes everyone's lives easier, like some updated TCP software. So after biting the bullet and looking to install all of that crap, the install fails.


Because I don't have a fucking complier.

I don't even have the fucking exec commands.

It's about seven hours since I started working on it today. I can't think straight. I haven't been able to think straight for at least an hour. Eight years ago I could go 18 hours without a break before I'd start getting loopy. I could do that for ten days in a row. Three days of five hours of banging my head against the wall is severly messing with me.

Did I mention having to have the septic tank pumped along with some other plumbing work done because the basement got filled up with backwash from the tank? I'm glad there was nothing in there I wanted to keep. I still have to keep my eye on it. I'm lucky the plumber hasn't moved, retired or died. He's worked on this lemon of a house since it was built, and it still manages to surprise him. He's never before had to use the third roll of snaking coil for an interior application. He still hasn't, but he was just about to when the clog was finally dealt with. Although that could have been only the main clog. Who the fuck knows what is up with the maze of PVC, galvanized steel and token copper pipes that gives the screen saver a run for its money.

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