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How old and out of the loop am I?  I didn't know Rowland S. Howard died about six weeks ago, 30 December 2009.  Then again it's probably remarkable he reached 50 in the first place.  I consider myself fortunate to have seen The Birthday Party and Crime and the City Solution play live.

Screw the Olympics.  I'm spending most of today listening to 20-30+ year-old vinyl recordings of The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls, the collaborations with Lydia Lunch and The Bad Seeds, Barry Adamson, and whatever I don't have but can find on the InterTubes.

Obituary from Melbourne's The Age.

Remembrance from the UK's Guardian.

Brisbane Times interview from 1 November 2008.

MySpace page.

Discogs' Discography.  

Discography by Maurice Maes and Leo Meijer at  Although complete only through January 2001, and included as a subset of Nick Cave's, this one is easier to read and covers important omissions from Discogs' list.  E.g. The Young Charlatans.

It didn't help that I was already weirded out yesterday when I heard Negative Trend had reformed.  Showing once again how old and out of it I am. 

While the various replacement bass players for the reconstituted version of Flipper haven't been involved, drummer Steve DePace was a couple times.  The only reason I'm bothered by this is I'm one of the last people to have seen Will Shatter alive.  The night he OD'd we were at the Mab watching somebody, drinking beer (at least I was), and, among other things, discussing my playing didgeridoo with Flipper or one of his other projects.  A few hours later he was dead.  His girlfriend even brought up the subject of how long he had been clean.  Will and I were neighbors for a couple years (we both lived on the same block on Moss, then I moved about a block away), and when Will or Bruce saw me at a gig they'd ask if I paid with my "punk bucks" (currency I'd type screeds on).  They got paid with some one night and asked to be paid with it whenever possible.

I guess whoever is supposed to walk over my grave needed to ask for directions.

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