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Forum Software Upgrade and More Fantabulous Procrastination

I'm preparing for an upgrade to version 3.0.whatever-is-current of Invision Power Board.

Crazy Boards runs under IPB 3.0.x, so look there if you want an idea of what the new software is like. We won't look exactly like that, especially since they're fond of modifying the software, but you should get the general idea.

I can't give you an estimate yet as to when it'll start, how long it will take, etc. As always such things depend on my mental and physical health, as well as consecutive hours of relative clarity of thought.  I've downloaded the software and gave the upgrade manual a quick scan, so at least I've started.

As much as I'd rather leave the software as it is, Invision software has announced that the version of the software we now have will no longer be supported. In addition to the usual health excuses, I've been putting off the upgrade because version 3.0.lower-than-it-is-now was really fugly and, in some areas, had less functionality than what we have now. I'm still not a big fan of how it looks, but it does everything the 2.3.5-and-up version does in addition to all the new bells and whistles.

I like 3.1 a lot more, but it's still in beta. I just can't wait for that version if I need any technical support, as support for 2.3.get-with-the-program will end before 3.1 will be stable enough for general release, let alone stable enough for me to install.

As for the procrastination, I've created yet another stupid Facebook group.  Fans of Brent Arthur Wilson.  Why? Brent Arthur Wilson encapsulates the entire zeitgeist of the real estate pyramid scheme of the previous decade. He's probably a criminal. He may be crazy. But is he all that different from the predatory lenders offering, or the would-be house flippers taking out loans where one made payments only on the interest until that final, big-ass balloon payment? Is all the paperwork he filed packed with Biblical references any more bizarre than the recursive, debt-based derivatives that led to the near-collapse of our financial system?

To top it all off, he sasses and mouths off at the judge who is currently in charge of his immediate fate. While acting as his own lawyer. So not only is he charged with stealing oversized houses like the bankers themselves, he's a one man pitchfork-and-torch-carrying mob who doesn't consider himself subservient to a judge, or anyone else who considers one person as being the better of another.

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