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Sassing judges: never a good idea

One reason why I love living in Montana: reading this sort of headline in the local paper.

Details and video of sassing at the link.

The way he stole foreclosed houses is pretty imaginative.   He'd find a foreclosed house that was on the market, take down the "For Sale" signs, break in change the locks, and file a bunch of weird paperwork.  For example:

"The designation trustee and steward as used herein," it reads, "shall include said resurrected and non-resurrected sons of man, and their heirs as required by context.

"Witnesseth that the trustee, for a valuable consideration paid by the trustee to the creator, Yahweh, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, has and by these presents does grant and convey stewardship unto brent-arthur: in fee-farm, all that certain lot of land situated on Lake, the county, Montana, the land, commonwealth yiisra'el, and more particularly described as follows:"

What follows is a lengthy description that begins with the "third planet from the sun" and ends with plat tract book information.

The document appears to be notarized, but in her charging affidavit, deputy county attorney Jessica Cole-Hodgkinson notes "it does not list the notary's name, expiration of their notary power, or their location." Instead, under an illegible signature, it reads, "My commission expires: upon my final breath."

"I couldn't believe the Clerk and Recorder would take something like this, but what I learned was they can't stop anybody from recording anything," [Ed] McCurdy says.

Ed McCurdy is the Realtor of the foreclosed property in the above example. Mr. Wilson was able to get at least one home equity loan on one of the properties he and Yahweh "own."  I thought lenders were being more careful these days.

Great picture of him in court.  There's something familiar about about this guy...

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Anonymous said...

this comment has nothing to do with the post, but i found that picture pretty hilarious. i did read the first paragraph or so...anyway i did stumble across crazy Meds! the good, the bad, the funny, and then your blog and just wanted to say thanks. i've felt horrible and miserable all my life and it continued to get worse the older i got, anyway i'm not about to type my life story b/c i'm sure you could care less, but i was diagnosed bipolar in 2008 after being diagnosed bpd (borderline personality) in 2006 and i'm still not ok with if i am or not cause it's not as if i have had a brain scan but sometimes i don't know if i'm the cause, like my mother says, or if i really have this disorder, it's so frustrating...i'm just gonna wrap this up... thanks

ps. i'm not being sarcastic or making fun, i really wanted to express my appreciation. and sorry for the improper punctuation/grammar/spelling, i figured i didn't need to be formal