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Reverend Colonel William Potter Gale must be spinning in his grave

Brent Wilson copycat Jackiya Ford had her first day in court yesterday.  From the front-page story in today's (30 April, 2010) Missoulian she's certainly following Brent's game plan, even if it's a water-downed version.

A woman accused of staking claim to a man's home by inhabiting the residence refused to enter a plea at an arraignment hearing Thursday because she does not recognize Montana as a legal entity.


Thursday's court hearing revealed little more of the ideology behind Ford's alleged acts, but a lawsuit she filed against county officials who stymied the deed transfer suggests a pronounced sense of entitlement.

In the lawsuit, Ford accuses officials of preventing her from filing her land patents with the county, of violating her birthright and of being unruly toward her. Ford, who said she is pregnant, is seeking compensation for "mental damage and scars due to duress and coorersion (sic) of all parties involved."


At Thursday's arraignment hearing in Missoula District Court, Ford asked to have the criminal case transferred to U.S. District Court, where she filed the lawsuit against Missoula County, and asked for access to the jail's law library.

When Desmond read Ford her rights, she asked the standing judge to clarify.
"Question. Are these rights outside of the Constitution of the United States?" Ford asked.

No judge sassing, no demanding to be her own lawyer, nothing as entertaining as Brent.  There is, however, one thing Brent can't top.

She's black.

What difference does that make?

Jackiya Ford essentially followed the instructions of the Redemption Movement by the book with preemptive lawsuits against county officials and filing land patents.   The Redemption Movement evolved from the Sovereign Citizens Movement, both of which came out of the Posse Comitatus (the vigilante group founded in the 1970s, not the 19th-century law).  The Posse Comitatus was key to Identity Christianity growing from an obscure cult to the de facto religion of white supremacists.  The late Rev. Col. Gale of this post's title was the founder of The Church of True Israel, as well as the Posse Comitatus and other paramilitary organizations.  Another group with the same lineage is the Aryan Nations.

I love it.

You go, girl!  This is post-racial America.  A pregnant African-American woman has every right to join up with the Sovereign Christian Redemption posse to get some real estate she's entitled to.  Emphasis on the Christian part as Jackiya is a professional gospel singer with her own record label / production company / sect. She has a single available on iTunes and a video, of sorts, on the YouTube.

Some of the more extreme tax protesters have been linked with white separatists / supremacists. Lots of people have already connected the extremist tax protesters to the Tea Baggers Party, and Tea Party rhetoric sounds a lot like sovereign citizen / redemption rhetoric.

Wow!  The Tea Party isn't exclusively white after all!

The front page of today's Missoulian is now doubly ironic.  Right next to Jackiya's story is one about a bunch of asshats in Kalispell propagating a Montana stereotype:

Protesters rally as white separatists watch Nazi film in Kalispell library

At least the protesters outnumbered the dickweeds 20-to-1.  So much for the "white homeland."

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