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Won't you please adopt a home today

Brent and Jackiya aren't the only ones who've adopted the sense of entitlement, and brain-twisting ideology that justifies it, that was once the province of Identity Christianity and its pea-brained offspring.  "Home adoptions" are happening around the country.  The Missoulian ran an article about it.  What's happened here in Montana is far more interesting.  

Brent Wilson encapsulates the real estate pyramid scheme of the YIIKes decade by targeting foreclosed properties, 'adopting' more than one house, renting out one he wasn't living in, and being in the process of getting a home equity loan on one of the adopted properties when he was caught.  And I'm sure lots of felons wish they had the balls to sass a judge.

Jackiya Ford runs Identity Christianity through the looking glass.

But there is one guy who, at first, seems to be a real hero of the foreclosed upon.  From  'Home adoptions' in Lolo, Polson: Sovereign squatters a national movement:

The most brazen attempt at a property takeover by the sovereign citizen movement may have occurred last year in a Miami suburb.

There, one Angel Cruz showed up with 20 black-clad followers and 10 hired – and armed – security guards, to take over a strip mall branch of the Bank of America.

Wearing counterfeit U.S. Treasury badges, according to a story by Casey Sanchez in the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, the 30 blocked the bank’s entrance, parking lot and drive-through lanes.

Cruz apparently believed what he was doing was legitimate. A week earlier, Sanchez reported, the 49-year-old had stopped by the Palmetto Bay Police Department and asked that officers back him up during his “eviction” of the Bank of America.

“To an incredulous police officer,” SPLC’s Intelligence Report said, “Cruz handed over a ‘court order’ signed and sealed by a ‘judge’ from ‘The United Cities Private Court’ ” – United Cities being a company Cruz started.

The 20 followers who joined him were employees of United Cities. For turning over their personal assets, including cash, they had been promised new cars, 30 years of job security and that their mortgages and credit card bills would be paid off by their new employer. SPLC says Cruz intended to accomplish this using “fake bank drafts and fistfuls of ‘United States Private Dollars,’ a counterfeit currency he churned out in his Orlando, Fla., home.”

The so-called court order he handed over to police “referenced a pending $15.25 billion lawsuit against Bank of America filed by Cruz the previous month in Miami-Dade County Court,” Sanchez wrote. “Cruz claimed the bank had wronged him because an Orlando branch refused to cash $14.3 million in phony United Cities bank drafts.

“Taking his beef public, Cruz also had posted a YouTube video announcing his upcoming ‘foreclosure’ of two Miami-area Bank of America branches, while ranting about the Federal Reserve as ‘Satan’s banking system.’ ”

Angel Cruz: bastard love child of David Koresh and the Montana Freemen?  Did he get the modern equivalent of a pitchfork-and-torch-wielding mob together to go after a facilitator of the real estate pyramid scheme and foreclose them?  Hell yeah!

No, not really.  He went after Bank of America because they wouldn't accept a couple million dollars in homemade Monopoly money from the crazy multilevel marketing scam Cruz had going since the mid-2000s.  Long, serious journalism version.  Shorter News of the Weird version.

I still think Brent would make a better cult leader, since he totally looks like Charlie Manson.

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