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Downmarket Most Dangerous Game meets bum fight:
A 32-year-old homeless man was shot in the cheek with a blowgun dart early Monday morning and police are looking for a suspect who drove away in a white Lexus.
A&C Drugs, the oldest pharmacy in Missoula and the one I've been using since I moved up here has closed.  Even after I moved from Missoula I kept my prescriptions there as they would mail them to me.  They were yet another victim of Medicare Part D, reduction of Medicaid payments, and competition with big box stores offering $4 generics.  Here's a good article on the subject, Disappearing drugstores: Small-town health suffers as rural pharmacies close.  I'll be using the little pharmacy in Superior now.  I hope I'll be able to keep getting Teva's lamotrigine, as Dr. Reddy's may as well be a placebo.  The nearest big box store or chain pharmacy is 60 miles away, and they fill the prescriptions for the community hospital, so they should be able to stay in business.  If they go under I'll do what I can to get generics from specific manufacturers from a chain pharmacy, or get another dispense as written prescription.  I'm considering going to generic topiramate next year, as I'm reading reports that Teva has their act together with their topiramate now.

After a five-year absence I'm back on The WELL.  As I wrote on my member page, I pretty much spend my life just dicking around anyway.  The more things I have to do in a half-assed way, the less I ruminate on how much less my life sucks than a young woman living in Yemen or the parents of a child with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

One of the things I do to waste time / procrastinate / calm me the fuck down is look at visitor statistics for the various sites I run (I'll be updating the stats for Crazy Meds Real Soon Now), including the results of search terms used to find them.  One visit to this blog resulted from the search straitjacket design.  The result teh Googles gave me was for a page on  Specifically the review of a strait jacket [sic] by someone named Beaverman.  "Beaverman" reviewing a straitjacket for a paddling site?  Kinky!  Unfortunately not.  Reviews for Lotus Designs Strait Jacket PFD, of which Beaverman's is the first, has to do with a jacket or vest one wears when kayaking or canoeing or something like that.

I've got traps out for hornets and yellow jackets, and traps for other social wasps.  The traps for other wasps have fruit juice in them, the traps for the hornets have only sexy pheromones.  I'll give you one guess as to which ones the hummingbirds are trying to feed from.  I can't find any reference to hummingbirds being attracted to yellow jacket sex pheromones.

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