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I don't think that was how YHWH wanted you to spread the word

Jackiya Ford's story is the one with legs.  As expected, she's in News of the Weird.  It's not surprising to see her story in Fark.  You know she's got it going on when they're writing about her in India and using her to illustrate a point in the endless argument about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the forum. That's why she has her own tag now.

I also found a blog entry from someone who claims to know Jackiya.  All of the comments have to do with the homeless and the politics of welfare.

There's an answer to my question about how white separatists / supremacists feel about someone like Jackiya using their scam to have all the fun crooked mortgage brokers had.  On Stormfront (a very large and active site for those people) there's a topic with a title about a "Negress 'Sovereign Citizen'"There is much outrage about how such thefts hurts working people and how ludicrous she is for claiming to be a so-called sovereign citizen in the first place.  Amazingly enough the sovereign citizen concept is praised all over that site as a way to avoid paying unconstitutional taxes to a corrupt and tyrannical government.

The site for her combination record label-promotions and entertainment company-millennialist church is "temporarily unavailable" due to a problem with the account.

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