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Jackiya Ford: Crazier than I thought

I thought the previous post about Brent was it for the day, but I'm in serious procrastination mode.

Jackiya Ford has some serious crazy and/or fraud going on.

First there's Mcjala Entertainment, her combination record label / promotions & bookings company / Millennialist church.  The website is sadly defunct. isn't aware of it.  A few of its pages are visible, for now, in Google's cache, such as Jackiya's narcissistic About Us / featured artist page and a page plugging the music of the artists they represent.  I'll give you one guess as to how many that is.  Without the graphics, especially on the site's home page, the Millennialist cult church aspects of Mcjala Entertainment are missing.

As someone who has been diagnosed as bipolar by numerous psychiatrists for the last 25 years, and who has lived with people with equally official bipolar diagnoses, I know crazy.  I'm not qualified to diagnose anyone, especially not over the InterGoogles, but I'm pretty good at spotting someone being mentally interesting to some degree.

Jackiya Ford's LinkedIn page screams "batshit crazy."

Sure, lots of people pad their resumes.  Many outright lie.  So her claims of having a law degree and a business degree with 4.0 GPAs could be simple fraud.  But Jackiya also wrote that she marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. That must have happened in a past life as she was born in 1972.  How reincarnation works with homo-hating Christianity (check out her YouTube play list) is beyond me.  She must have been born self-aware like those freaky kids from the Dune books that sucked, because one of her current jobs is "Freeman on the Land" and she's been doing that since 1972.  Those 4.0 GPAs are apparent as part of her duties as a Freeman is being a "Sovern Citizen."

While you're at the YouTube, be sure to listen to Send Me YHWH I'll Go.  Listening to her music you can hear how much Jackiya loves Jesus.  Really LUVS Him, and she'll be the best girlfriend He'll ever have.

Like any musician Jackiya has a MySpace page.  Unlike her Facebook page, the MySpace page still exists.  For now.  It's a typically ugly MySpace page, but it has one thing you'll find on just a few - an awesome, Dr. Bronner-like rant of pure crazy.  In case it goes away, here's a more legible copy of the dense text:

What If you wake up one day and realize that your entire life you've lived a lie? Everything you've been taught in school and about life was a lie. What if I said your birthrights were sold you into slavery the very day you were born? Your Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Drivers License and any other contract you've signed in life was a contract signed with the devil, to take away your true GOD given freedom B.K.A BIRTHRIGHT. Want the TRUTH? God says that my people perish for lack of knowledge.... Ready to really go down the rabbit hole... Pray and ask GOD for Guidance and Wisdom and be assured that he will give it to you. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given, Knock and the door shall be opened. SEEK TRUTH, embrace knowledge. Study the U.S. Constitution, Common Law,Etymology and the Black Laws Dictionary--(STUDY EVERYTHING YOU CAN)know it & learn it by hard. Learn about the original people of the Land. Separate yourselves from those who embrace the darkness and walk into the Light. Don't worry about what others do unto you. Give it to God and Believe their days are numbered. Know who you are and who's you are. You will never be the same. Life will never be the same.... Know it doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done but it's where your going that counts. These are evil times that we live in. WOE unto those that operate in a De facto Government, WOE unto those that say there is NO GOD. And WOE unto those that have touched the anointed ones of GOD. We are living in a time when the MEEK shall surely inherit the Earth. IT IS WRITTEN. The Word of GOD shall not return unto him Void, but shall accomplish that in which it was sent out to do. I would like to dedicate this site to my grandmother who’s called me on my gift to sing the Gospel and believe GOD in all things early on as a little girl. Carrie Lee Patterson, proclaimed the prophecy that one day Ahayah was going to use me for his glory.( R.I.P. “I Love you grandma.”) Look out for my Album (My Life 4 the Gospel) (2010). My sound is hot and quite commercial. Yet most importantly, I sing to represent Ahayah, in the name of Yashua. Many people feel that they've got what it takes, but I think by now we all know that many are called but few are chosen. Ahayah, has raised up a new generation of nobody's to help him speak the true unmerited Gospel. Yah calls them a pecuiliar people... I understand and I accept the call by AhaYah, that I’ve been chosen to represent in such a way that'll tickle the hearts of mankind. I have full intentions on ministering the true unedited Gospel of my God; until the day I die. I can not be moved, brought, broken, shaken nor turned. I'm In this till I die. As far as the Illuminati's out there; know that GOD of Heaven is the GOD of Israel; who was and Is and is to come. Repent and turn from your wicked ways for his return is at hand. "What profit is it for a man to gain the whole world; yet loose his soul. I love what I do, I love what I’ve become ,I know who I am, I love being me, and most importantly I love living for Ahayah in the name of Yahshua. For those of you who don't know what Ahayah means or Yahshua; Ahayah is God's real name before man changed it. Yahshua is Jesus's real name before man changed it. Know the truth will set you free. However, "Need I say any more," Because when it’s my time to shine. I plan on shining just as bright as the North Star. SO! "WATCH OUT WORLD.... HERE I COME (By the grace of God as he leads me)....." In the true name of Yahshua. WORD OF THE DAY: The true beauty of a woman comes from within. It’s not necessary for a woman to reveal her body for attention. A real man is a man who loves & fears "Ahayah". It is then when Ahayah will lead him to a true beautiful woman that will love & honor him just as Ahayah Loves the Church (the called out ones)(The Remnant). A woman that is spiritually inclined. A woman that knows the truth about historical facts. A woman that respects herself. A woman that will refuse to sell her soul to the devil. A woman that Ahayah has created just for him. (A woman of Virtue). Wake up people if you’re living your life as if these aren't the last days than you’re sadly mistaken and obviously blind to the truth. Open your eyes..... The signs are all around you..... Yahshua, really Is coming sooner than we all think. "I'd rather live my life as if there was a God and die to find out there is none; than to live my life as if there isn't a God just to die & find out there is one. - Anonymous. Shout out to the 144,000 ( one hundred forty-four thousand); and the 2 (two) witnesses at the waling wall.

For anyone who doesn't believe that commercial soap was covered with wacky religious rants, or hasn't seen a classic Dr. Bronner label for some time:

Dilute! Dilute!  OK! 

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